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Project Runway s14e09 • Make It Sell • 1 October 2015

Last time on Project Runway Mr. Schue asked the contestants to make anything, using him as inspiration.  Well, his broadway show, at least.   I was hoping he would get a make over and get the beard obliterated, but, no such luck.

Candice beat out Kelly & Edmond for the win.

Lindsey beat out Ashley & Merline for the auf.

So, if I understand correctly, the top six showed at Fashion Week last month in real life.   We have 7 contestants left at this point.   Wanna wager who leaves next?

"No you don't, now shut up!"

The seven remaining contestants meet up with a ruler-sportin’ Tim and JustFab’s Yuchin Mao in the work room to learn some fashion vocabulary.

“Today is going to be just fabulous!
I get to spank the next eliminated contestant!”

“I’m not so sure."

Never you mind that they all think they have to design for teachers, janitors and little urchins.

Since Candice won the last challenge, she divvies out the style personas:  Bombshell, Trendsetter, Girl Next Door, Modern Classic, and Femme Nouveau.  The contestants seemed shocked that such a thing would even happen.   Have they no TVs at home?   No Internet?  Yes, I'm already wondering where the Amish contestants have been hiding, or when there's gonna be an Amish contestant.  

It’s a one-day challenge, bien sur.  They shop at Mood with $100.  Mood!   It’s episode 9 and the SECOND time they have been at Mood?   Did I get that correct?   Ugh.  They are to produce something for the JustFab online market.  You know, you buy something once, but you keep getting billed each month, just for being special, VIP even.  =op

“I have made a lot of ready-to-wear *gowns* back home, which is why my piece is extremely production friendly, so it’s going to be ready fast, and it is cheap to produce.  I do think I have an edge where *that* is concerned.”

Does that mean he's making the worst outfit in history?

"Yes.  Yes.  Yes it does mean that very thing.  The *worst.*"

Let’s skip over to the JustTimThru.

“No, I’m not ready, write about something else for a minute!”

Tim advises Merline to combine her skirt & dress ideas into one garment.   He admonishes her to execute the white fabric perfectly.

Swapnil is called out for not giving 200% like he thinks he did.   Tim asks, “Have you seen this dress before? … (yes) … and what are your thoughts on that?”

Candice is advised to not pay attention to the white showing under the black of the coat.   It might look too messy, like a mistake.   She soon gets rid of the entire peplum.   2015.  2010.  Five years of peplum ‘fun’ on PR.   Is the end of it near?   (Yours truly detests them.)

Laurie’s level of innovation is questioned.  Tim gives her the, “there are only X of you left.”

Edmond calls his fabric classy, but Tim is questioning how he is explaining it.   Tim thinks it is a basic design.   “Are you trying too hard with this look?”

Kelly wanted to do something strong and colorful.  Tim sees that it is her.  I waited for him to pick on her for the Muppet fabric, but he thinks it is great.

He doesn't see a Muppet?

Ashley’s gold leather jacket is a hit.  Tim calls the dress underneath too hospital gown!

Tim adds a twist to the challenge!    They are to create a logo for their own brand, and print it on a T-shirt.   It’s the Brother garment printer challenge!

“It’s not the S&M challenge, but, at least it’s *something.*”

Some of the designers are not fully ready for the model fitting, but it all seems to go in a typical manner.

And of course I noticed this.   (Merci, Seigneur.)

Let’s cut to the runway.   Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina (not Neener, she's learning!) are Ciara, and JustFab’s Yuchin Mao.

Swapnil Shinde

Kelly Dempsey

Merline Labissiere

Candice Cuoco

Ashley Nell Tipton

Laurie Underwood

Edmond Newton

Kelly was excited to get “Trendsetter.”   She wanted to be mod, high fashion and fun.    Heidi liked it.  Ciara likes the presentation.  Nina detests it, calling it clownish.

Zac sees a dead Cookie Monster.  Of course he did.  Yuchin calls it too junior.

Candice wanted to celebrate women with strength.   Nina can tell that the top lapel wasn’t her first choice.  Zac likes the back detail, the studs.    He doesn’t like the placement of the second tier of the skirt.   Nina thinks it “could be nice.”     Ciara likes the 2-in-1 concept, but not the skirt.   

Merline wanted to do fun, flirty and girlie.   Zac likes it, the idea, not the construction.  Heidi thinks she can no longer sew.  Yuchin says something like it would *never* be produced.   Ouch!   Nina agrees it would be difficult to sell.

Ashley wanted to do her own spin on the basics of the girl next door.  Heidi thinks she is back on top again.  She likes that all three pieces look well made.   Zac wanted more creativity.     They fight over the bare midriff.  Nina thinks the gold leather jacket will indeed sell.   She tells Ashley to recalibrate the styling, which Heidi liked.  Ha!   Yuchin praises the jacket.  Nina picks on Ashley for not selling herself to them enough.   Zac agrees.   Ugh.   When the clothes can’t earn praise, they want the designers to beg for approval, or to snow them into praising them?   Ce n’est pas bon!

Heidi and Nina thrilled with Edmond’s look.  Nina hates the styling, it’s predictable.  Ciara and Yuchin are pleased that he delivered on the style persona so well.

Laurie wanted to make pieces that would fit in with someone’s wardrobe.   Heidi is furious with the treatment of the breasts.   Zac finds the skirt too basic, and the top not functional.

“Are you listening?”  (to the constraints of the challenge)


Ciara likes it.  She’s the only one, right?

Swapnil wanted to play with sexy, but with elegance.  Nina questions the white wrap.  She hates the butt flap.   She doesn’t mind the dress, otherwise.  Zac can see that he struggled.   He calls it ‘mumsy.’  Ciara thinks the print is enough of a story.  Heidi is convinced it would sell.   

Heidi calls out Edmond as the winner!
Edmond, Ashley and Candice are all safe.

Swapnil is admonished for not using his time wisely, but is in.

Kelly is safe.

Bottom two are Laurie and Merline.

Laurie is out.  That means Merline is in.

Laurie is quite respectful, good on her, eh?

So we have a top six.   Now it’s safe to go look at the spoiler pics from Fashion Week, right?

Tune in next week for …  makeovers for the Bunim/Murray crew!

“What is the $!@#$-ing point?”

I'm with you Tim.  Once a vidiot, always a vidiot.  

But, wait, they must be all in dire need of some help, doesn't it feel like they ran out of ideas?    Or, someone pulled out of PR at the last minute.


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