Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Face Off s09e14 • Movie Magic, Part 2 (The Finale, Part 2) • 27 October 2015

Last time the three finalists created two characters, each with help from 2 recently eliminated contestants.   They presented their looks to guest family member Patrick Tatopoulos who would direct the creations in a short film.   Then they learned that they would have to create a third character.

The next prior three eliminated contestants, Libby, Ricky, & Jason are back to help the finalists.   The real story here is that Evan had to redo, re-conceptualize one of his original two, so there was extra work for him, as opposed to the other two.   

 Near the end it was revealed that Jason was having trouble with Ben's 'beauty' look, so, of course he is out.  The only question was whether Evan's having to redo his work come off as a problem, or would he be rewarded for listening to Patrick and changing things on the fly?

Well, Nora didn't have to change anything, so she had three others, plus herself, working on virtually one character.  It's a no brainer that she won, but all three were heavily praised for their work.   And, to be clear, Nora earned her win.

Of course, that moment in the work room when Evan had to utter, "It's an honor just to place" B.S., you knew it was over for him, too, eh?

Let's take a look at how it played out:




Did you agree?  Did you pick up from the edit that it would be 1. Nora, 2. Evan, 3. Ben?   We don't know that #2 and #3 played out that way, but that is sure how the edit seemed to be.

Are you ready for January and season 10 of Face Off?  

Looks like Nina Flowers, Pepe The King Prawn and a
stressed Susanna Hoffs unable to eat her ham.  Spam?

I have to say that all of the people that watch with me, and the original people who read this blog from the beginning all agree:  In general, the contestants apply themselves and have fantastic attitudes.   Nearly every single episode of Project Runway someone is behaving badly, and usually it is directed at EVERYONE.   Over on RuPaul, the contestants often behave badly towards other contestants, but at least they show the judges some respect (usually.)  What's your take on all of that?   How about Top Chef which I don't blog on, but we all watch, US and the 4 seasons of Canada?

I don't know what the answer is, but, if there's ever a Project Behavior, Face Off contestants would win, hands down.

Congratulations, Nora!


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