Thursday, October 22, 2015

Face Off s09e13 • Movie Magic, Part 1 (The Finale, Part 1) • 20 October 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants were inspired by
The Munsters and The Addams Family to create offbeat relatives.

Ben & Nora moved forward to the Finale immediately.

Evan, Jordan

& Scott had the opportunity to improve on their work.

Evan was picked to continue.

Jordan & Scott got the boot.

First off, NO, the episode is entitled "Movie Magic" not "Mission Magic."

Second, lets remember those who went on beforehand.

Jasmine, Jordan & Scott had each won a Spotlight Challenge,
Meg had won two of 'em.

The remaining three contestants have video chats with their loved ones, and then hit up host McKenzie Westmore in the lab (work room.)

Their challenge is to create a short film on location, and it will include two characters.  They meet Patrick Tatopoulos and select scripts.   After last looks, they will be in the film environment, Mr. T. will give them immediate feed back, and they will be allowed to go BACK for more last looks.   Then, Patrick brings out the last six SFXMA contestants eliminated to help them out, and they pick their teammates.  Ben gets the guys who placed 4th and 5th.  Is that an advantage?

They read the scripts and sketch their ideas.  The scripts strike me as giving more direction and less leeway than in finales past.   Is that what you thought?   Patrick makes the rounds with storybooks.  He does inform them, as he meets with each team, that they can go wild with them, they can go further than what they drew.  So, maybe I’m way off base here.

“You’re on crack!”

At the end of day one Ben’s team seems to be ahead of the others, sculpting & molding-wise. 

Evan has his team start over, when he realizes that they are not cohesive enough.

On day three, Ben’s team has huge seams on the prosthetics, but that’s not a big deal, right?  They don’t get to paint till first last looks, ruh-roh!

Nora is up first, and Patrick has minimal tweaks for her to do.

Ben’s team is in overdrive during their last looks before the initial test film with Patrick.   They don’t get to everything, but they are happy for what they got done in one hour.  After the test run, Ben interviews that he is relieved they don’t have to redo anything, all they have to do is add to what they have done, in the next two days.   Wait, the next TWO days?   I guess it’s longer than a typical Spotlight Challenge.  Cool?

Evan interviews that he doesn’t like how their paint job went during (the first) last looks.   He thinks his sculpting AND painting are sub-par for him.  =o(

Immediately Patrick is picking on the female’s costume and face.   Yeouch!  When the guy is filmed, the prosthetic moves.     Clearly Evan is getting an edit.  But, is it the coming around from behind to win edit, or the thanks for playing, enjoy your Rice-A-Roni parting gift edit?

It’s at this point that McKenzie informs them that they have a couple of days to repaint or even resculpt.  Then, they add a third character.   Ha!  Of course, Evan gets the screen time.

And, that’s it.  No reveal stage.  No Glenn, Ve or Neville.

Evan is getting such an edit.  He’s either #1 or a distant #3, right?   Well, which do you think it is?

Nora didn’t get much of an edit at all.  Ben only got a little bit more than her.   So, does that mean Nora is #2 and the guys are one & three, but I’m too chicken to pick which?   We’ll know in a week, eh?

In the meantime, I have to worry about Ashley staying on PR.  Neener is gonna be upset in tinsel town Thursday night.  Or something.


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