Thursday, October 15, 2015

Face Off s09e12 • Death Becomes Them • 13 October 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants created humans
that had evolved in response to a major event,
whether mother nature, or nuclear.

Jordan was top two, but

Evan beat out Jordan for the win.

Scott & Nora placed in the middle.

Ben was bottom two,

but Stevie beat him to the axe.

After musing outside the Face Off house, and them pretty much telling us who the final three will be, for shame!, the five remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and mentor Michael Westmore at the Universal Studios backlot, near what once was The Munsters abode, specifically.

No, not *her* home.

In the spirit of the Addams Family and The Munsters, they are to use a gravestone character to create their own quirky member of their own family.  They chose, and no one picks the evil stepmother.  McKenzie lets them know that two of them will be axed, and the three that stay are in the finale.  Evan seems stressed from the start.

It’s a normal 3 day Spotlight challenge.  They sketch at The Munster’s home and head back to the work room.

Soon the Westmores are in for the mentor-thru.

Nora explains her black sheep cousin.  Mr. Westmore advises her to use a lighter paint job than she was envisioning.

He likes Scott’s lobotomized zombie father sculpt, but he wants him to stay away from digging too deep, but to be a little more healthy.

Jordan’s spinster aunt needs to have a different way to apply the ears.

Ben’s inappropriate uncle’s nose is strong, eh?  Mr. W. thinks it needs a bit of fun.

Evan’s nose is good, but there is no whimsy, it looks like a straight demon.  After Mr. Westmore leaves, Evan immediately trashes his sculpt, and starts over.

Day two is fairly normal.  Jordan creates a nephew to the spinster aunt character.   Curious.

No one is complaining about their molds on the morning of day three, that’s nice.  Everyone seems to be painting in a timely manner.

Then Nora notices that Evan did his old dog paint job on his new bully brother. 

Uh-oh!  Soon he is repainting, though.

Jordan interviews that he is nervous about his paint job, compared to how the others did.   He tones it down during ‘last looks,’ the final hour.

Let’s see how they did.  Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are regular hosts Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.






Glenn likes Evan’s concept, but the edges, the paint, is not the best.   Ve is mad that he covered a lot of sculpting with the wig.  Neville finds the paint job lacking, too.

Scott’s “Walking Dad” makes the judges laugh, but all the judges want some contrast.     Glenn does say “beautiful job.”

The judges are laughing before Ben can explain a thing!  Neville sees the creepiness immediately.    Glenn is happy with what he has done.  Ve is creeped out.

Nora’s black sheep doesn’t fit in with her more occult family.   Glenn picks on some of the transition, but for the most part likes it.  Ve admires the sculpt, and choosing pink.  Neville also applauds the sculpting, and the makeup.

Ve likes that Jordan went in a different direction.   However, it is too referential to a prior work on the show.   Neville is mad that he spent any time on the nephew.  Glenn wanted him to go further in many proportions.

After the critiques, the judges announce that Ben & Nora have made it on to the finale.  

The other three get another hour to fix their looks, and re-reveal.  They are surprised.   Each of them makes use of the extra hour.




Evan also makes it into the finale.   Poor Scott and Jordan are sent out back to pack up their makeup kits.

Do you agree with them getting extra time to fix things?    Did it feel like Evan got an "Anya" extra chance?  The edit was so strong on the top 3, I could hardly see anything else.

Tune in next week for short films!


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