Thursday, October 8, 2015

Face Off s09e11 • Beyond The Expanse 6 October 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants created old circus freak show characters.

No, not quite like that.

Ben won the challenge.

Our beloved Meg was sent packing.


In honor of the new SyFy series Expanse, the six remaining contestants are to create humans have evolved, adapting to future earth disasters.  Host McKenzie trots out Expanse creators Ty Frank & Daniel Abraham to drive home the point that the changes to the humans are indeed to be a response to the changes in the environment.

Its a Focus Challenge, so it’s 2 days, not 3, and attention has to be made to their blending and the face paint.

A couple of hours into it, Nora scraps her idea and starts over.   There’s still 6 hours left to the day.  Is it really the travesty that it’s edited to be?

Although, if it got me a hug from Evan,
I might cry me a river just like *that.*

During the Westmore Mentor-thru:

Evan’s severe drought is a nice enough start, but Mr. Westmore wants him to go deeper, further.

Stevie’s polar melting human will live mostly in water, so it will have gills and scales.   Mr. W. is mostly positive, but warns not to go *too* scaly.

Ben’s is coming off too robot for Michael Westmore. 

Nora explains her 2nd concept, which is too subtle (since she just started on it, eh?)   She hears ideas as to how to go further with the new path she’s on.

Mr. W thinks Jordan’s work is too cartoony.   He definitely wants a new nose tip.

Scott’s nuclear fallout guy is too insectoid, not enough human.  He did good sculpt work, but for the wrong challenge, evidently.  Michael and McKenzie Westmore even come back shortly after leaving just to make sure Scott’s will read human being that evolved, not insect.   

Scott interviews that it never happened before (that the mentor came back) but it has happened before.   I’m thinking a few seasons back, not recently.  I’ll have to watch all the seasons again to know which one.

Challenge accepted!

Let’s see how they did.   No guest judges, it’s just host McKenzie Westmore, and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, and the six remaining artists on the reveal stage.







McKenzie calls out Scott and Nora as safe middle, and they head out back to await the others’ fate.

Ve thinks Jordan’s work is fantastic from head to toe.  Neville likes that his approach was thorough, and Glenn likes his having a purpose for everything he did.

Glenn calls Ben’s work dodgy, that he didn’t know exactly what he was doing, that it was a conceptual failure.  Ve ain’t buyin’ it one bit.   She still has hair, which is worrisome.   Neville calls it asymmetric and random.

Neville is impressed with Evan’s concept.  Glenn calls it Evan’s work the best he’s every done, by far.   Ve loves the color palette, she’s beaming!

Stevie wanted a streamlined effect, like dolphins have.  Or to hold her model like a marionette.


Glenn is stressed by the asymmetry, the crookedness.  Ve is struggling with the entire color palette, also that it is flat.   A good paint job would have helped a lot.  Ouch!  Neville thinks she is capable of much more.

Top two are Evan & Jordan.

Who wins the challenge?

The Toyota Tacoma!

No, Evan wins the challenge.

Both are safe, which is clearly reflected in their faces, eh?   If one of them wins the whole season, will they fall asleep on stage?

Bottom two are Ben & Stevie.  Both are lambasted, but Stevie gets the axe.

Again, good on you, Stevie, for being professional and reasonable while being eliminated.   It must be so difficult, but, in general, the Face Off contestants are sensible and gracious.  Over on RuPaul, the contestants usually complain that the wrong person left, and they make personal attacks on the fellow contestants.  With Project Runway, the eliminated person often whines how the judges didn’t understand their aesthetic, and got it all wrong.  Yeah, I should be used to it by now, huh?

Tune in next week for a double elimination!   They go from 5 to 3 next time.  Or *do* they?.


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