Thursday, October 1, 2015

Face Off s09e10 • Freak Show • 29 September 2015

Last time on Face Off we had an Apocalypse-alooza.

Evan edged out Nora for the win.

Ben & Kevon were bottom dwellers,

with Kevon being eliminated.

The seven remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and guest judge Robin Mathews for a 2 hour Foundation Challenge!   Choose a model and use his corresponding weapon as inspiration for the warrior makeup.

Immediately Meg gets a strong edit.   Is she winning or going home?

“Whatever you do, don’t get caught calling home!”

Nora is reminding me of ... this.
Maybe I'm overwhelmed with Halloween.

And not *that* Halloween.

Meg & Scott are the top two,

and Scott wins the Foundation Challenge,
earning him immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.

You know how it goes.  The person who places second on the mini challenge always ends up going home on the Spotlight Challenge.  Will this time around be any different?

"Don't count on it."

The next day they get their Spotlight Challenge:  Create a side show act that would truly wow a circus audience.   They spin the wheel to get their concepts, and sketch.  It’s a typical 3 day challenge.

And that means, there’s a Westmore Run Thru!

Scott is advised to change the direction that his deformed eye is going.

Jordan has to remove part of his sculpt, to tone it down.

Meg needs to make her muscle structure defined & deeper.

Stevie made round icicles.  Round icicles.  Curious.

Evan has to be more aggressive with his concept.

Nora’s doesn’t read enough lobster.

On day two Meg muses that no one has been in the bottom as much as she has.   Or that no one is getting an edit like she is.

On day three Ben’s face piece is ripped all over.   Evan interviews that his is similarly messed up.

Let’s see how they did.  Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Scott • Twisted Tom

Nora • Lobster Larry

Ben • The Human Peacock

Stevie • Icicle Irma

Jordan • Elephant Lady

Meg • Inside Out Oscar

Evan • Moon Girl

McKenzie calls out Scott, Jordan & Stevie as middle safe, and sends them out back to wait.

Nora gets a mixed review, but they do like her paint work.   Ve wants to eat some lobster, ha!  Neville’s grilled lobster joke was painful.  He doesn’t see a lobster face, but the body touches are nice.

Meg’s ‘monkey-face’ is throwing Ve off, and the paint job is lacking.  Neville sees a skin disorder, not an inside-out look.  Glenn thinks she never found her footing.

Neville admires the craft and balance of Ben’s peacock.  Glenn calls the form the best thing he has done on the show.    Ve likes the eye work.

Evan is embarrassed by his own sculpture.  Glenn sure knows how to make someone cry, eh?   Neville doesn’t see the beauty in the grotesque.   

All I can see is Chrissy Snow got real ugly.

Glenn declares that there is only one top look.

Ben wins the challenge!
He looks so happy, too.

Bottom two are Meg & Evan,

Meg is eliminated.   So nice that she is respectful.   Do you ever wonder if they just edit out all the bad behavior?  I mean, as opposed to Project Runway where they all seem to be disrespecting the judges, and the fellow contestants, every minute of the day.

Next week they head for space.

“It’s about time.”


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