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Project Runway s14e08 • Broadway Or Bust • 24 September 2015

Last time on Project Runway the contestants grabbed bits of old technology to create something fresh & current.  Jake had a family emergency and quit, placing 10th for the season.

Kelly beat out

Ashley and Edmond for her first win.

Swapnil was scolded for underachieving,
but only placed 3rd from the bottom.

Bottom two were Lindsey & Joseph,

with Joseph getting axed.

The eight remaining designers meet up with Tim Gunn and Matthew Morrison of Broadway’s “Finding Neverland” to learn of their next challenge:  Make anything, inspired by viewing that particular broadway show.

"Make anything."

"That’s almost as bad as 'make something blue!'”

“Stop that!  There’s nothing wrong with blue!”

They watch the show that night, then shop at Mood the next day and work all that day.

Did you catch this?  When they get into the work room, Tim comes in and says that they are all vulnerable and at risk (except for immune Kelly.)   

“Your lack of talent makes me sick!
I'd never bring ANY Of you back if you got eliminated.
Serves you right for sucking.”

Swapnil seems to be applying himself this challenge, which is a nice change.   Laurie feels that she needs to be more ambitious, too.  Merline is afraid she is being too safe.

Don't let that watch fall off, Tim!

Swapnil wants to go dreamy, and structured.    Tim uses the moment to remind him that he has never won a challenge because he has never given 100%.

“So 100% happens today.”

Kelly wants to do a young take on an older dress.  She thinks she has a bedazzle problem.

“There is no such thing.”

Merline’s work gets a pass from Tim.  Not sure she was expecting that.

Doesn’t Ashley’s work remind you of Austin’s or Santino’s?  Maybe all gradients look the same to me.

Not to mention the loofah extravaganza.
(At the bottom of Ashley's look,
and Edmond's big blue loofah!)

Tim is on board until the loofahs show up.   It does make me think I need to scrub and soak my feet, though.

Tim mutters old lady to Laurie.

“And you thought I left.”

Lindsey is out of her comfort zone, but Tim likes her vision.    She wants it to be grand, fun and magical.  He’s on the same page.

Tim is dubious about Edmond’s blue coverup.   The vest reminds me of loofahs as much as Ashley’s work did.  

Candice explains her concept to Tim.  He likes three textiles, but not the fourth.  Candice quickly ditches it.

Ashley has trouble with model fitting.  That’s odd, isn’t it?   I mean, hasn’t her fitting been great all along?

Well, better than this kind of fit, ouais?

Joining Heidi, Zac & “Neener” is Coco Rocha!









Heidi tells them “overall good job” and calls out Merline and Swapnil as the middle safe, and excommunicates them to the back room.

Ashley’s inspiration was her grandmother.  Zac likes the ombre, and purple, but finds it too messy.  Heidi likes the idea, except for the loose bunny ear breasts.  Nina is harsher, well, of course, but she seems insulted.  Well, that’s normal, too.  She has a mild threat that anything could happen to her.  How sweet.

Zac is impressed that Kelly made the gloves, and that she stepped out of her comfort zone.   Coco and Heidi question the vision, Nina likes that it is editorial, and especially the fabric choice. 

As Laurie is explaining her look, Zac is gulping.  Ha!   There is no covering.  Nina calls it “Tinker-hell.”  She says there is an endless litany of problems.  Coco thinks that it would be SO uncomfortable to wear.

Did ya like Heidi trying to defend Laurie's design (if not execution) and Nina being incredulous?

Nina can not leave the show.

Lindsey wanted to use a vibrant color.  Heidi loves the color, but that’s about it.   The mullet skirt with a slit is not a hit.  Coco calls it nice, plain.  For Nina it's a disaster, an experiment gone wrong, and hopeless.

Heidi loves Edmond’s pants.   Coco hates the look of the purple (and I thought it was blue?)  She sees two different stories.  Nina liked the drama, style and the reveal.  Zac wants him to lose the Muppet.  Ha!

“No, he didn’t!”

Candice wanted to go dark, but beautiful.   Nina likes the play of dark and romance.  She calls it editorial, dreamy, fantasy … and beautiful.  Heidi could tell it was Candice’s.  Zac calls it modern, even if it is a little costume-y.   Coco is amazed, considering the amount of time they had.

Candice is the winner!   Was there ever any doubt?

Kelly & Edmond are in, of course.   Ashley is in, too.

 Bottom two are Lindsey and Laurie.

Lindsey is out, so Laurie is in.

Did it go the way you thought?  Will Swapnil every give it his all?  Will there ever be a two day challenge?

I didn't call it right ... at all.   I guess with the bottom two, Heidi won that round, because she thought she saw ideas in Laurie's work, and hardly any in Lindsey's.   What's driving me crazy is I have seen Swapnil's design before.   The top exactly as is, the bottom with a stronger, stiffer (thought not as much as the top) fabric.   Maybe I just saw it on his own website.   Let's pretend that, okay?

Next week:   Tim spanks Swapnil's butt with a ruler.  I guess he still can't be bothered to exert himself.  I mean, why try?  It's not like he'll win.   Is *that* what was going on SS's mind?  When this was all filmed?


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