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Project Runway s14e06 • Lace To The Finish • 10 September 2015

Last time on Project Runway,  the contestants took a field trip to play Paint Ball.

They used the jumpsuits they wore,
plus ancillary fabric & dye
to create a cohesive collection.

Merline's Menz was the better team.

Edmond nabbed his 2nd win.

The Mean Girls threw Ashley
under the proverbial bus,

but Amanda was the one sent packing.

It’s morning in Queens, and there are mannequins on the runway, in Heidi Klum attire.  Wait, no, not short, tight & shiny.

“C’mon everybody, it’s the Frei Arbeit Challenge!”

They are creating a lingerie set (bra & panties.)
The winner will have his or her work put into production.


Tim supplies bras, so they don’t need to create from scratch.
Odd, this could turn into a bedazzle the bejesus
out of it challenge more than anything.

Mini-mini mood has exploded on one of the tables in the work room.  

Jake interviews that he is nervous because he has only taken bras off someone, or put them on.   Wait, put them on a client, or put them on his own person?

And, while Jake is sticking his tongue out at us, what's with all the tongue weaponry the past two episodes?  Tonya Reiman must be having a field day.

"It's enough to make me afraid to enter the work room!"

Swapnil explains his inspiration:  Madonna.   Then he interviews he wants the look to be pwowacative.


Weewee & twoowee.

Blake needs a seminar on the placement of the good china.  They don't teach biology, anatomy or sex education anymore, eh?

Tim seems shocked that Blake doesn’t wear undies.  Blake was teasing, yes?   He must not wear wool pants in January.

Lindsey is attacked by her scissors, gets medical attention, then comes back from the hospital a few hours later.   Yeah, it's annoying to have to get a tetanus shot, but I bet she maneuvers through the challenge just fine.

When Tim & Heidi breeze by, they are surprised that five hours into the challenge, Kelly hadn’t started in on the panties yet.   Don't worry, she ain't gonna send no model down the runway with just a 'black box.'

It sounds like something a man called Captain Tacky would do, though.  Edmond is slow to accept that Heidi no likey.

"It looked appropriate to me."

Joseph allows Heidi to say “matronly.”

Heidi wants a whip to go with Candice’s costume.

Lindsey is told she is on the right track.

Laurie’s strap at the waist is a no go.

I’m not sure if I like Heidi calling Blake “Princess Blakey.”  He doesn’t seem miffed, I’ll follow his lead, I guess.  Heidi wants him to play with it a bit.   He interviews that she wants dangly boobs.   What?

Merline has two ideas going on with the upper frontals.  Heidi picks the one with less coverage, natürlich.

Heidi informs Jake that he went junior.  Also, he’s paying more attention to the back than he needs to.

Ashley hears that she is covering
too much, and is looking too busy.

“More boob, less bra.”
Or was it "more bimbo, less brain?"

Then, the inevitable ‘twist’ is revealed:  They must make a cover up, too.  Candice and Kelly had already stated they were expecting some sort of twist.  And, it's not really a twist but more just an extra little task to add on.  Oh, and they sleep in the makeshift runway room.

Joining Heidi, Zac and Neener is actress Bella Thorne.  Did Heidi mispronounce Nina’s name on purpose, or has she spent too much time in the far edge of Queens?

Swapnil Shinde

Ashley Nell Tipton

Jake Wall

Edmond Newton

Lindsey Creel

Candice Cuoco

Joseph Charles Poli

Merline Labissiere

Blake Patterson

Laurie Underwood

Kelly Dempsey

Heidi calls out Kelly, Joseph, Edmond, Candice and Lindsey as the safe middle.  They head out back.

Swapnil’s elegant bondage is a hit with the judges.    Heidi calls it special, fierce & a show stopper.  Bella, Nina and Zac find faults with it, but overall it’s a big hit.

Laurie’s top is a hit, her bottom is a severe throwback to the 1980s miss.  The front seam was a poor choice, even if HK features the same thing in the collection.

The red one.   Okay, it's not featuring the same impact as Laurie's, I give you that.

Merline’s architecturally inspired look is a grand slam with all of the judges.   Bella and Nina want the top to double as daywear with a sheer blouse or t-shirt over it.

Jake’s straps are too tight, and the cover up is ‘throw-away.’   Nina is surprisingly complimentary with the top, and is gentle with her disgust with the straps.   Who took over her body for that minute?

Blake thinks his girl doesn’t wear a bra?    He seems to have been inspired by Laurie’s high waisted bottom.  Nina finds it lacking in fit, quality and sophistication.   Welcome back, Nina!   Zac thinks the back was stapled together.

Ashley’s sporty, yet feminine take is a success.  Heidi remarks that the cover up is complete.  Ha!  Bella doesn’t like the back, but Zac gushes ‘grand slam’ and ‘me likey.’

Merline is the winner!
Doesn't Heidi look like her head
is about to explode or something?

Always the bridesmaid Swapnil and Ashley are safe.

So is Laurie.

Bottom two are Blake & Jake.

Jake is safe, so Blake is a goner.

Did the judges get it right?  It seemed like there was less “make it easy to mass produce” than there might have been in the past.  Not sure if that is good or bad.

The PR contestants were scheduled to show at Fashion Week in real life on Friday, September 11th, but I don’t really know who showed.   I bet that the top 10 all showed, but, it's just a guess at this point.  Are the remaining 10 the contestants I want to see a finale collection from?  I *think* so.   Oh, who am I kidding?  I want to see finale collections from EVERYBODY.

Well, not *every*body.

Tune in next week for another unconventional materials challenge:  Ancient technology!

I didn't see any cylinders.

Or 8-tracks, even.


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