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Project Runway s14e05 • Gunn & Heid • 03 September 2015

Last time on Project Runway, the designers were tasked to put their own modern spin on a classic article of clothing (like the little black dress, the wrap dress, the pencil skirt, etc.)

Blake's interesting silhouette beat out

Candice's leather & sculptural jacket and Swapnil's one-sided LBD.

"Don't worry, Swapnil.  You don't have to actually win
any individual challenge, just the last one, the finale."
"Oh, and make sure Candice cheats."

Bottom dwellers included Lindsey & Amanda,

but Gabrielle was eliminated for her poor construction,
her horrid proportions,  and, most
probably, for hurting Senora Garcia's eyes.

Heidi & Tim walked out in white jumpsuits and paintball guns.  You know what's coming:  Paintball 'Capture The Flag Bolt Of Fabric!'   Then they received a bit of a twist.   Their no longer pure white attire is the actual fabric, while the bolts of colored fabric would only be incidental (barely used.)

The boys & Merline's team chose to work well together, and they created a decent collection.

The girls never focused on a concept, and most of them threw Ashley under the bus, through the whole experience, not just merely during the questioning after the runway show.

for not joining them.   I'm not saying anyone has to be on Ashley's side.   I am saying that you let other people determine how they do in each challenge.   Focus on yer own junk.  Spend less time worrying about someone else, and more time on one's own output.

Let's see how Heidi, Zac, Nina, the beloved Kelly Osborne and Lisa Perry judged:

M e r l i n e ' s    H a r e m






T h e   M e a n   G i r l s ,   L a u r i e   &   A s h l e y






Thank GOD the judges agreed with me.   (Oh, okay, I agreed with the judges.)    But did you?

I wonder if Amanda's placement at the end of the collection runway had ANY bearing as to how she placed.   I do also think it was one of the worst, and she had been in the bottom three regularly.  However, I do wonder about such things.  If I can pick up on such things, certainly the contestants can, too.    So, were they throwing Amanda under the bus, too?

Did you like how Jake seemed to redeem himself a bit?   I'm glad he earned his continuation on the show, instead of being related to a producer, or sleeping with a judge.  

"As if."

How can Swapnil do so well and never win?   I suppose he refused to sleep with someone in charge, eh?

"How do you *know* that?"

Wait, you're correcting me complimenting your morals?

"Ah, you have a point there, sorry."

I think I love Kelly Osborne even more, for calling out The Mean Girls for not working with all people on the team equally well, and I respect Heidi for calling them nuts for picking Ashley last.

Even if Kelly O. wore a hair slinky on her shaved head.

I know this belongs here somehow.
But, I don't think I want Kelly in a blonde flip wig.
Either Kelly.

Oh, and FINALLY, I figured out something.
Kelly reminds me of the Scarecrow as played by Ray Bolger.

"It's always Ray Bolger."

Don't worry, it's not the face, it's the hat 
that makes me think you look like Ray Bolger.

"What, hats are no good now?"

I agree that Edmond should have been in the top 3, so I guess I'm okay with him winning.

I'm okay with Amanda going home, as in I had her in the bottom three, so, well, close enough.    Yeah, even if Florida is no longer represented on PR this season.

At least there's a Floridian still going strong on Face Off.

Tune in next week for a whole lotta lace.   Oh, and Edmond takes Heidi to ♪ ♫ ♬ Tackytown  ♫ .

"C'mon, say it like *I* would!"

"Where's the love for us?


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