Thursday, September 24, 2015

Face Off s09e09 • Judgment Day • 22 September 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants ran The Gauntlet:

Three shorter challenges were won by Nora,


and Evan,

with Nora being named the overall winner.

Bottom three were Jasmine, Stevie and Meg,

with Jasmine being eliminated.

“Winning the last segment of The Gauntlet
really boosted my confidence and now
I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself.”

Yeah, well, you better wake up.  It’s an Armageddon Spotlight challenge!  Yea!  Back to 3 day challenges.

And, no, not Arborgeddon.

And, no to you Def Leppard fans.
Leave the poor late ‘80s alone.

The remaining eight contestants are to choose one of the four horsemen (war, death, famine, or pestilence) and use him to inspire their own horrific creation.   Although it is an individual challenge, they will present in teams of four.   It isn’t driven home as strongly as other challenges, so I’m just assuming they are to have *something* to hint at cohesion, since they will present four together at one time.

They pick their guys, form the two teams, and sketch.  Then head back to the work room.  Never mind that two contestants are getting strong edits, a Winner Edit & a Loser Edit.

The Westmores are here!

Meg wants to make a tribal pestilence witch doctor.   Michael wants a nasty & pussy lip area.

Stevie’s goal is to eliminate her famine’s mouth.  Mr. Westmore thinks she can lessen its effect, without having to eliminate it completely.

Scott’s death bald cap with whispy hair is a hit.

Well, not with everybody.

No, wait, she's okay.

Evan is placing some bone over the muscles on the head & face.  Mr. W. doesn’t tell him to scrap the idea, but to think about where he is placing the overlay of bone.

Kevon’s pestilence has tentacles at the mouth, which Mr. Westmore sees as alien.   Maybe Kevon will put them on the head instead?

On day two Stevie gets a hell of a lot of air time.

"You'd think I was winning AND going home!"

“Don’t worry, *we* are getting the Winner & Loser Edits.”   Um, okay.

Let’s just see how they did.   Joining host McKenzie Westmore are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.





I want what she’s having.
Ve just seemed too impressed
with the mini-light & fog show.





I'm craving some white chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls, aren't you?

McKenzie calls out Kevon, Nora, Ben & Evan as top & bottom.  (That would be the 2nd group.)  The rest are safe and are kicked off the reveal stage.

Kevon’s idea doesn’t work for the challenge.  Glenn doesn’t see the human form.  Ve says on another challenge it might be cool, but not for this one.  Neville thinks it is muddled.

Ve likes Nora’s thought process.  Neville likes the sculpt, the paint, and the concept.  Glenn calls out the paint around the eyes.

Evan’s death is a hit with the judges.  Neville finds the graphic design interesting, fantastic.  Glenn states it is exactly what he asked for—a new take, and yet easily identified as his horseman.

Glenn agrees with Ben that his work is a problem.   He doesn’t think it has passion or clarity.    Ve wanted more time spent on the face.  Neville apologizes for kicking him when he’s down.  Ha!

Top two are Evan & Nora.

"Cheer up, man, you won!"

Bottom two are Kevon & Ben,

Kevon is let go, placing eighth for season 9.

I'm with Ve, who had nice parting words,

that the work was nice for another challenge,
but not for this one.

Tune in next week for the circus?
I'm getting nervous that the guy in black pants,
white tank & suspenders didn't get enough attention.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  Did you see Jeffrey Sebelia from PR3?
He was on Ben's shirt, wasn't he?


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