Friday, September 18, 2015

Face Off s09e08 • The Gauntlett • 15 September 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants had another Focus Challenge.
They transformed male models into Shakespearean female characters.

Top two were Stevie & Meg,

with Meg wining the challenge.

Bottom two were Evan & Ricky

with Ricky being eliminated.

"After nine seasons, tonight the game has changed." 

Well, no, don't get excited.

Remember the relay race they had in season 2?   The latest episode's challenge, "The Gauntlet," was similar in nature.   It felt like three Foundation (mini) Challenges back to back.  Sort of.

The only bona fide change was that after the first and after the second stages, every contestant was ranked.  As they go, the tasks are weighted more heavily.  So, someone could be worst on the first one, recover in the next stage and make a good showing overall.  But, *how* much more weighted will the later challenges be?   We don't find out.


The first of the three challenges:  Create an exposure makeup, based on the model's attire (meaning the model was stranded in the desert or arctic.)   They have two hours.  Host McKenzie Westmore stresses that the judges want realism and visual impact.   (Don't they *always* want visual impact?)

1. Nora   •   2. Jordan   •   3. Scott

4. Meg   •   5. Ben   •   6. Jasmine

7. Evan   •   8. Stevie   •   9. Kevon

The second challenge is to paint models already sporting prosthetics.   Again, it is stressed for them to "keep it real."   They have two hours.

1. Kevon   •   2. Ben   •   3. Jordan

4. Meg   •   5. Nora   •   6. Jasmine

7. Scott   •   8. Stevie   •   9. Evan

The third challenge is to create one lead and 2 background characters, and they choose models by number to find out whether they are to show angels, goblins or witches.   This time they have four hours, and show their work on the reveal stage.  Only the winner is identified, the other positions are not shown.  Yes, ugh.










Host McKenzie Westmore kicks out the middle three, Scott, Ben & Kevon, although she doesn't identify them as such.

Nora went straightforward goblin, and Ve approves of her decision making and painting.

Meg created elemental witches.   The third eye is a complete failure.  The judges don't like that the background male was better than her lead character.

Ve thinks she should have just switched 'em out.  The judges also note that she is using the same look each time.

"There's something wrong with that?"

Stevie wanted to go fantasy.  Glenn & Neville like her painting technique, Ve likes her thought process.

Jordan didn't deliver on the paint job.  Glenn wonders if he tried to do too much.

Jasmine went overboard on her lead fallen angel.  Neville sees 'street performer' with how one-note the lead is.  Glenn sees a lack of work in the background characters.

Evan is praised for his decision making and painting.  Glenn mocks the background looks, but is thrilled with the main lead makeup.

Evan wins stage three!

Nora is the overall winner of The Gauntlet.

Bottom three are Jasmine, Stevie & Meg.

Jasmine places last and is sent packing.

I don't know.  Part of the joy of watching Face Off is seeing the contestants forge concepts and make decisions, as opposed to just painting someone else's ideas.  Okay, I get it, that happens in their real life, so why not on the show, too.  And, I'm sure next week will return us to a normal 3-day challenge.


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