Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Face Off s09e07 • All That Glitters • 8 September 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants created 1960s TV sci-fi inspired aliens,

then updated them for present day production.
Ben struggled with the Foundation Challenge,
but won the Spotlight Challenge.

Bottom dwellers included Jasmine

and Jordan,

but it was Jason's turn at elimination.

The remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at the Farnsworth Park Amphitheater where they learn about their second Focus Challenge (work primarily on the face, and it’s 2-day challenge, not three.)

Never you mind that Meg had the Winner’s Edit right at the beginning.

And, never mind *that* Farnsworth.  It's Charles, not Hubert.

And, no, his brother was named Floyd.

The Focus Challenge is to make over male models as Shakespearian leading ladies.   They blindly choose their tasks and get to work.

When Nora announced her character, all I could think of was “Zorax.”

“It could happen.”

On the Westmore-thru Stevie gets advice
on feminizing a guy with wide cheekbones.

Mr. Westmore praises Jordan’s nose work,
and gives pointers for hiding the Adam’s apple.

Meg gets a pass on her work.

Evan’s work is wrinkled.  He needs to
deliver on the beauty aspect of the challenge.

Michael wants Ricky to fix the face, where
it is a flat plane, leading to an angular cheek.

Nora’s ugly, old sorceress needs to be changed quite a bit.  Ouch!

Mr. W. talks about Kevon’s Joan of Arc face slash.

And then the guys all put on wigs.

“What’s wrong with *that?*”

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

“I wasn’t even *asked* to judge?”











"Girl, I felt the same way.  Tragic."

McKenzie calls out Nora, Scott, Kevon, Ben, Jordan and Jasmine as the safe middle.

Glenn is not amused with Ricky’s work.  Ve sees all the rough edges.  Neville likes his ideas, but not his execution.

Ve calls Stevie’s work nice & complete.  Neville admires the sculpt and the beauty makeup.  Glenn likes that the model looks feminine.

Neville applauds Meg’s decision making.  Glenn appreciates all her choices.  Meg is surprised that the critique is going so well.

Glenn finds Evan’s veins arbitrary and useless.  Ve sees a drag queen, says Evan got lost.  

Top two are Meg & Stevie.

Meg wins!

Bottom two are Evan & Ricky.

Ricky gets the boot, since his girl still looked like a guy.

Ve gives him praise, and expects him to go far.  Ricky is sweet.  I know, it’s old at this point, but the contestants are always so gracious on Face Off, whereas, on Project Runway, they always whine that the judges didn’t understand their work.  Good on you, Ricky, for being professional.

Tune in next week for … a relay race?


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