Friday, September 4, 2015

Face Off s09e06 • Extraterrestrial Enterprise • 1 September 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants,
in teams of two, created gatekeepers
and 'whatever it is he's keeping at bay."

Jordan won the challenge, putting him in a three way tie with Ben and Jasmine for best all season thus far.

Bottom dwellers included Jason & Ricky,

but Libby was sent home for her muddled
gatekeeper that reminded Glenn of
Saturday morning children's programming.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore for a Foundation Challenge:

Create a retro alien makeup that might fit on Lost In Space (1966,) Star Trek (1966) or Buck Rogers (1979.)  They choose from 3 backdrops to use as direct inspiration, and they get two hours.  Mentor Michael Westmore judges them.  The winner gets immunity in the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.

Top two are Evan, 

and Jordan. 

Evan wins the challenge & immunity.

The Spotlight Challenge is to update their retro alien to a current day alien.  McKenzie specifically says “modern-day aesthetic.”  Think J.J. Abrams’ 2009 “Star Trek.”

I try not to.  How good could it be without *me?*

Neville & Ve come out and along with Mr. Westmore, consult with the makeup artists right there & then.

Meg wants her alien to be more bad-ass.  Mr. W. encourages her to paint all over, not just the hands & face.

Neville admonishes Kevon to have a reason, a purpose for any face distortions.

Ve wants Stevie to pay attention to the edges, and where the hair meets the skin.

Ben is told his look could appear ‘forced.’ Suddenly Ben is calling his work “a turd.”

Yes, he went *there.*

Nora likes her face shapes.  Ve doesn’t want it to get too wide.

Ricky wants to go with an intricate design on the sides of the forehead.  Mr. Westmore steers him to more ‘believable’ skull structure.

On day two  Mr. Westmore brings along Jonathan Frakes (ST:TNG Commander Ryker.)    So they are getting a 2nd mentor-thru.

Scott needs to work on his lips.
Less human beauty, more alien.

Kevon’s sculpt is beautiful.

 Jason’s is both beautiful & creepy.

Stevie needs to address the neck, and the (wrongly) cute little nose.

Evan went too small with his design, Mr. F. thinks much will be missed.

Nora needs to address the neck, too.

Ben’s membrane idea is a go.

On reveal day Meg doesn’t get to paining until last looks / the last hour.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is guest judge Michael “ST:TNG Worf”  Dorn.












McKenzie calls out Stevie, Scott, Jasmine, Ben, Jason and Jordan as best & worst.  The rest are middle safe and sent out back.

Glenn calls Stevie’s work gorgeous, and one of the best ever on the show.  Wow.

Scott hears from Ve & Neville ‘stunning’ & ‘exquisite.’

Jasmine’s sculpt is flawed per Glenn.  Michael only likes bits & pieces of it.

Michael thinks Ben picked what was good from the inspiration, and chucked the rest.  Ve likes the bone structure and Neville likes the paint.

Jason didn’t execute well enough or push himself far enough.  Glenn sees a major sculptural problem.

Jordan disappointed Ve.  She wanted makeup not armor pieces.  Michael likes the Foundation Challenge creature more than the Spotlight.  Ouch!  Glenn rips on him for repeating his concept from last episode.

Top three are Stevie, Scott and Ben.

Ben earns his 2nd win!

Bottom three are Jordan, Jason & Jasmine.

Jason has been in the bottom way too frequently, but Glenn’s seeing his myriad of technical errors & poor aesthetic choices did him in.

Jason, like most Face Off contestants, has a great, professional attitude.  If the Project Runway contestants were to employ such maturity, man, it would be a different show altogether.

Tune in next week for  … Shakesqueer?


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  1. Ricky's photos are where evan's should be and you have scotts model in the first pic of meg's morph