Thursday, September 3, 2015

COMPUTER DEATH • 3 September 2015

Well, sort of.  The laptop hard drive works, but the screen, she is kaput.  So, I'm using a 32'' TV/monitor, but ...

The HDMI cord (borrowing from a neighbor)  is FIFTY FEET LONG.  Amazing that such a length exists.  Yes, I wrote accurately, it's a genuine 50', not me exaggerating.   So, it is going quite slowly.   Tomorrow or Saturday he will take me to get a 2' or a 4' cord.    Perhaps then it will respond in a reasonable amount of time.   

The Face Off post will be late.  It is written, but I didn't get to gather the pics.  I am starting now, 6:30p EST.    PR will probably be on time, though.

Even with a 32'' screen, I still need to zoom in for me to be able to use it.   It is 2 feet from my head, not 1 foot, like the laptop would normally be.   In care you don't know it, I'm blind.   I see a teeny tiny bit out of one eye.   

Yes, it is quite humorous to me that a blind man is commenting on Fashion and Horror Makeup.   Stranger things have happened, I'm sure. 


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