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Project Runway s14e02 • It's All In The Cards • 13 August 2015

Last time on Project Runway the fashion designers met in Madison Square Garden, grabbed fabric strewn throughout the stands, and worked one day to create an outfit that expressed themselves as designers.

Merline had verbal diarrhea throughout the challenge.

David, Merline & Swapnil didn’t bring their tools.  This is a first for PR, eh?  Was it mass belligerence, or producer manipulation?  Я не знаю.

Ashley beat out Merline & Edmond for the win.

Blake & Hanmiao were in the bottom,
but Duncan’s salmon toga earned him the auf. 

Morning in NYC finds Ashley's roommies congratulating her on her win.  Soon the boys & girls all have a card to read.  

“Dear Designers, for your next challenge it’s important that you play your cards right.  I’m sending you downtown to meet Tim & a special guest.  Have fun & I’ll see you back on the runway.  XOXO, Heidi.”

Joseph I wonder what that means.
Blake:  Hugs & kisses, Heidi.

Soon Blake is sporting head lumps like Pete Puma.

Morbo: XOXO means DOOM !!!!

Candice doesn’t want to play any card games.

As the designers walk into the Hallmark Gold Crown store, Tim Gunn laughs.   Amy Merchant, Director of Branding for Hallmark Signature, is there with Tim to welcome the contestants.

Swapnil in Wonderland is getting excited.

Merline mutters, “Don’t say it!”   She and Lindsey are not receptive to the idea of an unconventional materials challenge.  Isn’t it almost always the 2nd challenge?   Haven't they had enough forewarning to prepare?  They have 2 minutes to gather their materials, and one day for this challenge.

Tim stresses that their looks need to appear as real, wearable clothes.   Does he mean not looking crafty/studenty, or does he mean no avant grade?

“Yes, I would like to know.”

The store’s cards aren’t just made of card stock.  There are embellishments galore—bows, leather, lace, gems.  

I am surprised that they didn’t just scoop up a whole row at a time.   Some selected one card at a time.  Is that how they grabbed at the Hersey store in season four?

Back in the work room the contestants are trading materials.

“Some may not have realized just yet that we—this
is a competition.  You know, I’m just here to win.”

So, he thinks they didn't understand it was
a competition all the years it has aired?  Ha!

I don’t know.   I like the friendly vibe that most of them seem to have.  There’s no need to shun others in order to win.  Is there?  Even if someone copies you, you started the idea first, you will probably be better, eh?  Just nonchalantly let the judges know who copied whom.   Actually, don't.  All they care about is who did it best.  And you both might be top 2.  So, stop.   I like when people focus on their own work, but sharing materials does not equal copying off of another.

“I always enjoy when others share.”

Blake seems to be unable to concentrate.  He gets ignored by Edmond, and Candice asks if he is lost.

Soon Swapnil makes an announcement:  “The three machines at the back with the pink tape are for heavy duty materials.”

Blake:  Did you set that up for us?

Swapnil: Sorry?

Blake: I don’t know how to speak Indian, so I can’t say it.

Oy.  There are so many languages spoken in India.  But, I swear, God as my witness, I don’t think any of them are named Indian.

Blake might not have tried to, but he sure sounded offensive to me.   Did he really show prejudice or merely idiocy?  Swapnil thinks it is racist.  Okay, there is plenty of overlap between the two.   Swapnil decides to ignore Blake.   So, we have Edmond and Swapnil ignoring others.  I wonder how *this* will play out.   Maybe they should be together on a team challenge?   With Blake.  That should be fun.


Ashley’s poncho is going to be awkward and stiff with the way she is using the cards.  It should feel like fabric, and it doesn’t.  

Mr. G. demonstrates the "Tim Woodman" for her.
Aaaah, it's better than the Macarena.

Swapnil overwhelms Tim with all the flowers on the bottom of his work.   We get a bit of a bio, and I get nervous that he is getting a Winner/Loser edit.   Stay, Swapnil!

Blake wants a sparkle movement on the runway.  Tim sees stained glass and doesn’t like it.   Hmmm.

Merline is asked “How is your model getting in & out of that?”

Lindsey is exciting Tim with her trajectory, even if she isn’t comfortable with what she is doing.

Tim thinks Jake’s outfit looks like roofing material.  

Tim is excited about Edmond expressing his inspiration.  Tim is pleased with the output.

Candice is advised not to use an extra color, but to stay with the silver.

Hanmiao is admonished to stop stitching and start gluing.

Tim says to Kelly, “there’s a lot happening, it’s a point of view.”   That’s an insult, si?  I expected him to say (channelling Tom Brokaw, of course) “It’s a lotta look.”

David is told his top is constipated, stiff & stuck.  He says he prefers to do sporty, oversized, and Tim states that he is the one who decided not to do his own aesthetic.  David starts over.

Gabrielle is using red strips.  Tim says it looks smashing.

Laurie is relying too much on muslin.  Ruh-roh!

Joseph’s vision is deemed “Kate Spade.”   Hmmm. Compliment, or too referential?   Tim says he likes it, whew!

Amanda’s top is called beautiful with a graphic punch.  The skirt ...
(which reminds me of Rami Savapley from Project Catwalk s1e1)
... is way too ambitious.  Tim calls her out for not knowing what she is going to do with the skirt.  Amanda freaks, she doesn’t know what to do.

Then poor David gets the Loser’s Edit.  Oh, well, it was nice knowing you, cher David.   He does start to play with typography, but can that really be enough on his coat idea?  Merline advises him to not rely on the muslin, but, well, can anything override the power of the Loser’s Edit?

Amanda interviewing that Blake was
using too much glitter was funny.  
Tres amusant, ouais?

Almost as amusing as ... well ... you know.

Did you notice on the commercial breaks that they
played two of the Meryl Streep movie promos back to back?
At least they were different edits promoting the movie.

But, then, when they did 2 of the same exact VW commercial,
I cracked up.   Did that make you run out and buy a VW?

Aaaah, let’s just skip to the runway.  Judging this week are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Ashley Tisdale.

Swapnil Shinde

Ashley Nell Tipton

Joseph Charles Poli

David Giampiccolo

Jake Wall

Candice Cuoco

Hanmiao Yang

Gabrielle Arruda

Laurie Underwood

Blake Patterson

Lindsey Creel

Kelly Dempsey

Amanda Perna

Merline Labissiere

Edmond Newton

Earlier Ashley stated all she could see on Gabrielle's was a vagina.  All I can see is Zoidberg when he regressed in age, Futurama s4e9, "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles.".

"I liked Hanmaoi's."

Heidi praises their work in general.  Then she calls out Swapnil, David, Blake, Amanda, Kelly and Edmond as the top 4 and bottom 2.  Ashley N.T. is chided for not following the rules (relying on muslin.)  She and the middle safers head out back.

Ashley T. calls Blake’s dress amazing.  Nina enjoys the color, calls it sexy, likes the execution and it has presence.   Heidi likes the ombre effect.  Zac deems it fun, like Easter.   Easter is glittery?

I guess it is.

Kelly’s top pattern is admired by Zac.    He likes that she played with dimension, and that it is very well made.  Some of the judges don’t admire the skirt, but they all like the top.  Nina want amore sophistication.

Amanda wanted to do fun & playful.  Her black lace is a hit, but the skirt is no bueno.  Zac calls it a cleaning instrument.  Nina sees Party City, not fabric.  Ashley says it is not working.   Heidi calls it silly.  

“I don't think it's *that* silly.”

Edmond states he was inspired by a bridal card.  Heidi loves the proportions and fit, calling it sexy.   Nina praises him for thinking critically about the challenge.  She calls it phenomenal.

Swapnil’s inspiration was Alice In Wonderland on acid.    Heidi says he has a lot going on, but it really works, it’s fantastic & magical.  Zac admires the fit, he thinks it is wonderful.  Ashley gushes it is her favorite.   Nina had trouble discerning that it wasn’t fabric, which pleases her.

David’s work is admired, but didn’t honor the challenge.    Zac thinks it is sophisticated, but if he had used the cards, it could have been in the top.   Nina is not that impressed.  

Edmond wins the challenge!

Swapnil, Blake & Kelly are all safe, bien sur.

Bottom two are David and Amanda.  David didn’t follow the rules of the challenge, Amanda’s taste level is questioned.

Amanda is in, which means David is out.

Do you agree with the judges?   I do.  Yeah, who can disagree with the power of the editing, but, still, I want those who ignore the requirements to go.  Even if they have immunity.  No matter how much I love them.

Next time, teams, on a boat?  Maybe we can have Swapnil, Edmond & Blake together after all?


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