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Project Runway s14e01 • Mad Dash Mayhem • 6 August 2015

Sixteen new contestants meet up at Madison Square Garden with uncompromisin’ enterprisin’ anything but tranquilizin’ right on Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn. 

At first I thought of Carol Brady, but I couldn’t find the appropriate outfit photo quick enough. Maude Findlay will have to suffice.   Yeah, I know it's not a dead ringer, but it is too close.    Leave the 1970s alone, please.

“God will get you for that, for putting me BEHIND Carol Brady.  Idiot.”

Fabrics are strewn throughout the stands of Madison Square Garden.   The designers get three minutes to grab up to four textiles.  They can design whatever they want.  The only requirement, besides quality, is that it must represent their aesthetic.

Back in the sewing room, Tim remarks that David, Merline and Swapnil DIDN’T BRING THEIR TOOL KITS. 

“C’est incroyable!”

Kudos to Edmund for his persistence.  Supposedly he auditioned for EVERY season of Project Runway, and has finally got on to s14.   Also, good on you Amanda for making it after being axed so early on s9.   Now I want Iceland wedding girl to make it on.   I guess I should be thankful that Kate isn’t here.  Hey, I love her as much as the next guy, but she was starting to be more of a fixture than Tim Gunn.

I thought the other contestants were going to be more cruel when discussing Merline’s verbal diarrhea.  Not sure if that speaks more of them, or me.  Her (fake?) shock at Laurie Underwood (where are you Mason Reese?) was funny to see, but, well, I do think it might have been wiser to concentrate and not let fear drive oneself to extreme chatter.

Poor Ashley breaks down in the sewing room, but the situation doesn’t seem to warrant it.   I mean, it’s too early and she’s not doing badly enough to justify it.  Hey, if you wanna cry, cry.   But, it wasn’t a last hour crisis where Zulema had to be channeled.

Tim Time!

“I have a very positive response to what you’ve done so far … you have the potential here for a serious wow moment,” gushes Tim.   

Tim advises Ashley to follow her own lead and use a print on the bottom.

Blake’s work disturbs Tim with his receptacle dress.   Tim thinks it’s for lunch, but we all know better, it’s for a catheter bag, right?

Edmond is taken to task for poor workmanship, and for not looking like it came from him.  It’s the antithesis of joy.  Ouch!, but earned.

Merline hasn’t graduated from her Muslim muslin.     

“How do you feel that the fact is it (the print) doesn’t match up?”

What would Tonya Reiman say?

 Swapnil’s “It’s just that I don’t like making clothes in a rush” flabbergasts Tim.   Cute.

“The pleats just look so messy.  The most interesting thing about this is the textile. I mean, where’s the innovation?”  Uh-oh!

“I feel that what you are doing with the back is so contrived.”

“It droops … it’s not going to service you well.”

“All right designers, I’m not going to mince words, generally speaking, I’m really disappointed.  A lot of you have a big lump of coal up your rear ends.  You either need to get that lump of coal out, or turn it into a diamond. So, I’m a bit of a blunt instrument because I need to be, but I care about each of you very, very much.”

Some of the contestants change their look at Tim’s suggestion.  Model fitting is next, and THEY END AT 9p, not Midnight.  Wow.   Did they know that all along?

Luis Casco made it back, but I don’t think Scott Patric did, let alone Philip Carreon, Billy B., Johnny Lavoy or our most beloved Collier Strong.   And, look, we have a Gregory Patterson now!   Okay, I’ll stop drooling.

How did they do?  Well, first, critiquing were our regulars:  Host Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Project Runway Junior Host Hannah Davis.

Blake Patterson

Amanda Perna

Laurie Underwood

Hanmiao Yang

Swapnil Shinde

Duncan Chambers Watson

Edmond Newton

Merline Labissiere

Lindsey Creel

David Giampiccolo

Joseph Charles Poli

Kelly Dempsey

Jake Wall

Gabrielle Arruda

Candice Cuoco

Ashley Nell Tipton
What the nell is going on with the Chyron?
The internet seems to think it is Nell, at any rate.
I'll have to listen to the show again to see if she says "Nell" or "Neil"

Heidi praises them ≠all on a job well done.   She calls out Ashley, Hanmiao, Edmond, Blake, Duncan & Merline as the top & bottom.  The rest are safe and head out back.

Edmond’s presentation is called polished & dramatic by Nina.  There isn’t agreement about the design, but they all seem to agree it is well made and fits well.

Blake’s dress is tortured, clownish, and Heidi questions his sewing ability.  The judges mock his putting too many ideas and things into it.

Hanmiao’s aesthetic is respected, but the judges think it’s a big miss.  She defends her laid back, dressed down girl, but she hears maternity, monk, wrong fabric choice and thick.    I'm surprised Heidi didn't gush over it, considering what she wore to the Garden.

Merline explains her architectural, 3D vision.  The judges get her point of view clearly, and they admire it.  Wow, what a difference from the beginning of their time in the work room, huh?

Ashley explains wanting to push boundaries with various prints & textures.  Nina calls it ambitious and bold.   She praises her for playing with texture.  It’s Hannah’s favorite look.

Duncan tells the judges it was his first time draping.  The judges want to see her sexy body *some*where, instead of the overdraping, and the poor, simple construction.   Nina notes it is uneven.  Duncan then states he doesn’t know his true point of view yet.  Heidi is frightened that he stands by his work.  Zac admires his confidence.

Edmond is safe, placing 3rd.

Ashley wins the first challenge. 

She bolts—Heidi has to say, “Don’t go yet!”  Cute. 

Merline places 2nd.

Blake places 14th and is safe.

Bottom two are Duncan and Hanmiao.  Both are chided, but Hanmiao is in.

Duncan comes off so reasonable, rational and well-mannered.    I like that he didn’t trash talk the judges.  Heidi’s earlier question, “You seem pretty laid back, are you excited to be here?” reverberates in my head.   I like that he didn’t whine, or blame his being auf’d on the judges inability to comprehend his work.

Many of the designers were surprised that he was in the bottom at all.   Curious.

All I could think of was s1e1 when Mario Cadenas wrapped something around his mannequin in 10 minutes and called it a day.

So, what did you think?   Are you wowed by the current crop?   Rooting for anyone?  I hesitated to do a meet-the-contestants post because I kept changing my mind on nearly all of them every couple of days.  Last season I was firmly on Team Fade & Team Sean, right from the start.  I just *loved* their portfolios.   I still do.  This time around, I’m less enthused.   Well, there’s a couple of them that could knock on my door and *that* would get me excited.   =op

I am still so proud of Edmond and Amanda for not giving up.

I'm still struck by how Candice reminds me of "Scout" meets Mila meets Maya meets Morticia.

But mostly, I'm scared of Heidi's 1971 outfit.

Next time, the unconventional materials challenge:  Hallmark cards!

Will Maxine be guest judging?


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  1. There's something a little Anne Hathaway-ish about Candice also, around the eyes.