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Project Runway s14e04 • Fashion Flip • 27 August 2015

Last time on Project Runway, in teams of two,
the designers created day-to-night cruise-wear looks.

Ashley & Candice won with their Venice inspired look.

Hanmiao was auf'd for her Caribbean swimsuit,
and maybe for not being able to get along
with immune-from-elimination Edmond.

Why is Hanmiao holding Ashley's skirt?
I'm trying to imagine the scenario where it is appropriate
for her to be doing so.    I'm not finding it.

The remaining contestants meet up with Tim & Luis Casco on a pier.  Suddenly, I'm wondering if Stabler & Benson are off camera conversing with Tomorrow Tonight (Tamara Tunie) about a rape kit.

Det. Olivia Benson:   It's okay, Mr. Rubino, just tell me what you remember about the episode.

Well, it was kind of pedestrian.   But, after all the team drama last week, they just all had verbal diarrhea, whining, bitching & grumbling about each other's work.  Sorry, the last thing I need to do is complain about other people doing so.   Back to the latest episode:  

It's the Mary Kay challenge!

"I'm all ready for it!"

Using the Manhattan skyline as inspiration, employ their own vision to take a classic garment (for example, the pencil skirt, wrap dress, or trench coat) and create a new version, take or twist on that.

They make it to Mood alright, and, then when they get back ...

Well, let's just say everybody got stupid.

Just like "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid."

This is where all the snark got to me.  Let's cut to the chase, and then I'll make a few observations.

Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina is a time traveling Sally Draper, Kiernan Shipka.  Hit it!

Blake Patterson

Kelly Dempsey

Joseph Charles Poli

Lindsey Creel

Ashley Nell Tipton

Laurie Underwood

Jake Wall

Amanda Perna

Swapnil Shinde

Merline Labissiere

Gabrielle Arruda

Candice Cuoco

Edmond Newton

Heidi calls out Merline, Ashley, Joseph, Edmond, Laurie, Kelly and Jake as safe middle and kicks them out.  Laurie & Ashley are confused about the ranking of everyone.  Or at least of themselves.

Heidi teases Blake, asking him if he is high or low.  All the judges rave about his take on The New Look.    Nina overlooks the execution.

Swapnil's LBD is youthful, exuberant.  Zac likes the party dress.   Heidi deems it hot.

At first all I could think of was Michael Costello, but it's not really the same at all.  Bad memory, bad.

Lindsey's look is heavy, not very hip.   Heidi throws out her "bizarre."  Nina is thrown by the proportion.

She's even more thrown by the proportion of Gabrielle's work.   Everyone sees the poor construction.  Zac remarks that the coat sleeves are quite simple.

Amanda's mall maternity look is no bueno.  Nina doesn't see NYC at all.  She hates the styling, too.

Candice is praised for her sculptural jacket, and the lines & shine.  The judges all knew it was hers when it walked the runway.

And Heidi had to rub it in that she was away from her young kids.  Beauty.

Blake is the winner!   I was sure it was going to be Candice.

Candice & Swapnil are in, of course.   So is Lindsey.

Bottom two are Amanda & Gabrielle.

Gabrielle is out, so Amanda is in.

Alright, let's get to some thoughts.

1.  Man, they are eager to bitch about each other now, eh?  Joseph even corrects his peers while the models are coming down the runway.   (Yes, I get that I'm essentially doing the same thing here, but, geez, while they're in the same room?   With MICROPHONES?)

2.  Zac's impression of Bart Simpson was in response to Gabrielle's work,

as was Nina's head turn in disgust, you know, the "I Cannot" look.  Yeouch!

3.  Did Blake really struggle with the clock at the beginning?  Oh, hell, without sleep, I do the same.  I'll give him a pass.

4.  Who the hell is Jake related to that he keeps appearing in the middle or the TOP.   I bet his real name is Jake Weinstein.

This week his look reminded me of En Vogue's video for their 1992 hit "My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It.)"   Just less blurry.

5.  Do you have your final three picked out?  It's fairly straightforward, yes?    I think I have my top seven, three to win, and four more just to watch.

6.  (No, that's not me.)   Thanks to playing the episodes on low volume while I sleep, I keep dreaming of meeting a certain someone and calling him "Shrapnel," "Swamp Kill," and "Sr. Shindig."   And, then getting punched in the face, bien sur.

"Hey, he was annoying me."

Tune in next week for paint ball!


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