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Project Runway s14e03 • Shut Up & Sew • 20 August 2015

Last time on Project Runway the contestants
used greeting cards to fabricate their designs.

Well, most of them did. 
David was eliminated for relying on muslin.

Ashley was chided for the same thing,
but she had immunity and stayed.

Delray Beach, FL's Amanda was in the bottom, but
she honored the challenge, and stayed.   Whew!

Top four included Swapnil, Blake & Kelly,

but it was Edmond who won the challenge.

It’s morning in NYC and the designers meet up with Tim and Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President & CEO of Celebrity Cruises, on a cute little dinghy.   

In teams of two, chosen by Tim & the button bag, they are to be inspired by a global destination to make a high end day-to-night look.  Think of it as being out on the land at dock during the day, and back on the boat at night for dinner & getting drunk.   Like you were thinking of anything else.

Here’s the breakdown:

Amanda & Gabrielle choose South of France, Ashley & Candice select Venice, Lindsey & Jake take Hong Kong, Laurie & Swapnil grab India, n'est-ce pas, Kelly & Blake have Greece, Edmond & Hanmiao embrace the Caribbean, and Merline & Joseph are stuck with St. Petersburg.  Not Florida.

They sketch on board.  It’s a one day challenge.  They have suitcases filled with patterned fabric.  What, did Bunim Murray have a fight with Mood?  No, there is even extra non-pattern fabric from Mood at the work room.   Maybe Mood is closed for renovations?

On the ride back to the work room Joseph has to humiliate Merline.  It’s weird.

And, yes, I have noticed that Joseph bears a resemblance to Delta Work, more the voice than the face/body, but, aaah, close enough.  But, he feels it his job to make Merline have a different personality to suit his tastes:  It’s not his job to work with her, it’s his job to sublimate her.   I can’t say that it would be the highlight of my life to work with her, but, geez, let her be herself.   Divide the jobs and conquer.  How would he feel if someone more dominant was pushing him around?  And then I remember his words from episode 0, where he was all, “ I like small people to feel small.  You do it with a smile and you make other people feel insignificant.”  

Well ...

Lindsey & Jake, and Edmond & Hanmiao are not getting along.  E&J have such different aesthetics, they don’t seem to agree on a concept, even though they say so.  L&J, Lindsey is doing all the work.  Why?   Hmmm.  Why does Jake suddenly seem like he has no skills or work ethic?

Tim time!

Tim approves of Ashley & Candice using all three patterned fabrics from their suitcase. 

Tim questions Edmond & Hanmiao’s fabric choice.   He doesn’t see it going from day to evening.

Tim calls Joseph’s & Merline’s dress & cape mumsy & matronly.

I don't think Tim was referencing *that* Mumzy.

Mr. G. calls Laurie’s preferred sari fabric ‘the secret sauce.’  Gee, they have differing opinions but they are not at each other’s throats.  Let’s learn a lesson from Swapnil & Laurie, eh?

Tim calls Kelly & Blake’s vision of a modern Greek goddess appropriate for the challenge.

Amanda & Gabrielle get the Tim Gunn stamp of approval.

Lindsey & Jake talk about a vest.

Jake: “Just a suggestion, what if the vest here is in black, but the shawl lapel is in this?”
Lindsey: “I like you Jake, but I would sooner die.”

In interview:  “I don’t really understand what Jake’s aesthetic is.  He seems to have a background in a whole bunch of bull!@#$.”

I can’t put my finger on it, but they are not meeting together in the middle at ALL.   Instead, I agree with Jake that she seems to be delegating only the little bit of work that he can't possibly screw up.

During model fitting, Hanmiao comments on hating Edmond’s yellow fabric. Model Hannah chimes in that her mom says to never wear yellow.  Ha!  Soon Edmond is asking Hanmiao to speak, instead of being so quiet.   

Laurie mocks Jake, who appears to be sewing like an old lady knitting.  I am thinking now that Jake isn't doing much of anything.   No wonder Lindsey is pissed.

Edmond makes a second swimsuit, completely different from Hanmiao’s, as back up.  Hmmmm.

Jake complains in interview of Lindsey having to micromanage over every step of his execution.   I might have been on his side but then I hear “it just got to a point where I felt like she didn’t think I couldn’t do anything anyway, so why should I bother?”  Ugh!   So he backed out of work because it was unpleasant to work with her?   No bueno.   Now I'm back on Team Lindsey.

Let’s cut to the chase.  Joining Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia is guest judge Tracee Ellis Ross.  It's a special moment for Laurie Underwood, as she adores TER, but all i can think is:

Damn, is Felicity in trouble *again?*

Or, should I have gone with the end of "Working Girl?"

Candice & Ashley

Swapnil & Laurie

Lindsey & Jake

Joseph & Merline

Hanmiao & Edmond

Amanda & Gabrielle

Blake & Kelly

Heidi calls out Kelly & Blake as safe middle, team #4 out of 7.  I thought it would have been top three, with Lindsey & Jake taking the middle safe spot.   For the rest of it, I think the judges called it right.

“One or more of you will be out.”

"Oh, please."

Nina is wowed with Candice & Ashley’s work, it takes her breath away.  Heidi thinks every piece is special, and she sees “Venice.”  Tracee wants a different shoe and questions the length & width.  Zac calls it risky, but paying off.  They can’t decide who should win, they each worked evenly.

Nina likes the effortless lightness of Swapnil & Laurie’s look.   Heidi doesn’t like the fit of the pant, but others do.   Laurie thinks Swapnil should win.  So does he?  Ha!  I can’t really tell exactly what he says, other than “for sure.”

Lindsey explains that she did most of the work, and Jake did very little.  He states that if it’s a top look, it should be Lindsey’s win.  Jake says he was fearful of upsetting her and stayed back and let her do her thing.  Lindsey is stressed, but I can’t get a handle on where all of this silliness began.  Tracee doesn’t like the shorts underneath, but finds it pretty.  Zac likes the textiles.   Nina likes the vest & pockets, and begrudgingly likes the fabrics together.  Do they not realize they were picked FOR them?   Heidi sees Chinese Christmas, but likes that it is made well.

Edmond states they didn’t work well.   He puts in that he created a different swim suit.  Zac sees a bad gymnastic costume.  Heidi sees no trend here, but she likes the print.  Why are they stressing so much about print choices when they were ‘thrust’ on them?  Nina is peeved that they went so obvious with a swimsuit.  She calls the bottom yellow piece horrific.  Zac calls Edmond out for making another separate suit instead of working together with Hanmiao.

Joseph states that Tim admonished him for going matronly.  Joseph thinks they worked well.   He throws Merline under the bus for having to teach and guide her.   Heidi thinks it is too madame/matronly, and the cape is an afterthought.   Zac sees an oversexed Grandma.   Nina calls the cape silly.  Zac wants better fit.   Merline doesn't want to go, but Joseph insists Merline needs to go.   Merline calls him out on lying about the work situation.   Curious.

Zac questions the stripes showing underneath Amanda & Gabrielle's work.  Tracee & Heidi find too much going on.  Heidi hates the fit.  Nina makes fun of it, and says it is not good.

Ashley & Candice both win the challenge!  

Swapnil & Laurie, and Lindsey & Jake are safe.

Amanda & Gabrielle are safe, placing 5th out of 7 teams.

Edmond is safe, thanks to immunity.

Bottom three are Joseph, Merline and Hanmiao.

Joseph is in.

Hanmiao is out.

Merline is in.

You can dance now, Merline.

And when you go to sleep, I guess you can wear something
from the Kelly-termed "Golden Girls Sleepwear" collection.

Hanmiao says she lost herself.  She knows she failed working on a team.   I feel bad, because I adore her vision, and feel like she never got to share an A+ version of it.

I'm embarrassed for how so many acted on this challenge.  It didn't have to be such a drama filled ordeal.  I can think of whom I wish to go home next and it isn't because of poor skill level or aesthetic.

I want to see what Zac's imitation of Bart Simpson is all about next week.

"It could be that there's a dental uniform challenge."


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