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Face Off s09e05 • The Gatekeepers • 25 August 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants had the first ever “Focus” Challenge (where the emphasis was on the face.)  The challenge featured mash-ups of literary and horror works, like “King Arthur & His Undead Knights.”  

Orlando, FL’s Scott won the challenge.

Bottom dwellers were Brittany, Meg & Jason.

with Brittany’s old age and burn
makeup sending her home.

Look! A bona fide Foundation Challenge!  They have two hours to create a makeup inspired by a rorschach test.

Guest judge Eryn Krueger Mekash wants creativity & originality, and incorporate the shapes of the test into the work.

I see Sealab 2021’s Monster Hesh in Jordan’s.

Meg & Jasmine are top 2.

Meg wins the Foundation Challenge, and immunity in the next challenge.   Spoiler:  She’s gonna need it.

"Let me tell you, it’s wonderful to be getting
SO much screen time this episode."

Oh, dear.  No, it’s not, Libby, you’re getting an “edit.”  It’s either the Winner Edit or the Loser Edit.   Which do you think it is?

The Spotlight Challenge is to create, in teams of two, a gatekeeper to another world and a ruler from that other world.  They pick keys to match the doorways.

1 • Evan & Stevie

2 • Libby & Meg

3 • Jasmine & Nora

4 • Jason & Ricky

5 • Kevon & Scott

6 • Ben & Jordan

Yeah, that's all I could think of, too.

"Did I tell you that I’m getting a lot of air time?
It’s *my* episode!"

Westmore Time!

Michael likes Kevon & Scott’s sculpts,
but fears the upper lip is too cartoony.

Mr. W. likes Nora's predator’s tooth,
but he wants it away from the skin.

Stevie’s pixie nose is a no go for Michael.  

Libby needs a reworking on her ‘Borg’-like creature.

"Let me tell you about my child-hood."

First, that was back at the Rorschach test,
but, second, stop hogging the camera!

Jordan goes crazy fabricating various pieces on day two.  Ricky’s Ultracal is not setting as quick as he would like.  Kevon works on some horns.

"And I get more face time than Trump playing Ramos."

Jasmine’s work is reminding me of “Trouble.”

Not *that* “Trouble.”

On day three Ricky & Jason  end up using polyfoam, no their original choice.  They don’t even get to makeup until last looks (their last 60 minutes.)  Ben adds silver antlers to his & Jordan’s creatures at the last minute. Libby nixes her tusks.

“Don’t even.”

Joining host McKenzie Westmore at the reveal stage are the regulars:  Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

"I’m there, too, don’t forget me!"

Jason & Ricky

Meg & Libby

Ben & Jordan

Evan & Stevie

Scott & Kevon

Nora & Jasmine

While the judges look up close, Libby’s interview plays:  “There’s definitely a chance I’m going home today.”  Yes, and we have a chance of weather, too.

McKenzie calls out Stevie & Evan, and Scott & Kevon as middle safe, and kicks them off the stage.

Glenn is thrilled with both Nora’s & Jasmine’s creatures.  Ve loves the beauty makeup of Jasmine’s, and likes Nora’s slime on her guy.  Neville praises Nora’s makeup, too.

Ve rips on the sculpt and the makeup of Libby’s.  Neville thinks some of Meg’s work is arbitrary.   Neville & Glenn call attention to her poor anatomical choices.

Jason’s choice & use of yellow hair is lambasted.  For Ricky, Glenn sees Land Of The Lost.

"Oh, no, that's terrible!"

With Jason’s work, Ve sees a lizard going to a rave.  What?

Glenn praises the harmony of the work of Ben & Jordan.  Ve gets it without an explanation.  The palate is perfect per Neville, as is the sculpting.

The winning team is Ben & Jordan.

Jordan takes the ultimate win.

Since Meg has immunity, bottom three are Jason, Ricky & Libby.

And, the star of the show, with
all that air time, is the one axed.

Well, I don’t even dare ask if you agreed with the judges, the decree was obvious 4 minutes in to the challenge.  It's all we could think about for the whole hour.

All I could think about is how McKenzie's earrings reminded me of something.  Not sure what that says about me.

Top three of the season so far are, each with a win, and two more top looks:  Ben, Jasmine & Jordan.  Do we have a final three?


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