Thursday, August 20, 2015

Face Off s09e04 • Frightful Fiction • 18 August 2015

Last time on Face Off the special effects makeup artists
prepared brides & grooms for a wedding.
It was their way of celebrating the 100th episode.

Ben & Jasmine were the top team, 

and Jasmine was the individual winner.

Bottom four were Nora & Meg

and Jason & Missy.

However, instead of sending someone home,

they all went to the reception, instead.  Priorities.

The episode opens on the reveal stage with the elimination of the last challenge.

Missy gets the axe.  Glenn says it because of her counter-intuitive paint job and unsuccessful protruding shoulder bone.

Why it couldn’t make it onto the other episode is beyond me, but, hey, I’m not their editor.

“Thank *GOD.*”

Next morning the remaining contestants meet up with McKenzie in the work room for a Focus Challenge.

"I am not sure if this is a good thing."

They are to spend all their energy on the face makeup for the next challenge, which is:  Create a protagonist from a mashup of both classic literature & horror.   McKenzie states the judges want “attention to detail, which means clean markups with great edges, great blending and great painting.”  They choose concepts, and McKenzie reminds them to “blend those edges.”


 Evan’s Sherlock Holmes is a vampire, and there’s no cure.

So why does he have to play the violin?

Mr. W. advises him to paint the back side of the silicone for a different effect.

Jordan seems proud he’s the only one doing a cowl.   

McKenzie exclaims, “I said the face.  Focus on the face!”

Janice is doing a blood sucking daughter of Sherlock Holmes.  Michael steers her towards skin texture, away from bona fide wrinkles.

Scott’s patchwork sculpt is praised.  He hears about a staple idea.

Meg is advised that her lines/wrinkles aren’t the best.

Brittany is doing an old age AND burn makeup.  Mr. Westmore reminds her that that is an area of expertise for Glenn & Ve.  Michael calls the work ‘high school.’   In fact he questions several areas of the face.  Ruh-roh!   Soon enough Nora is sharing advice.  That was nice of her.

On reveal day it’s nice to see everyone working on the models right away (instead of working on other fabrications.)  But, then, what else can they do, I guess.  Now I’m starting to appreciate the Focus Challenge parameters.  

Let’s see how this did.   Joining regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is guest judge (and season 7 regular judge) Lois Burwell.














McKenzie calls out Ben, Libby, Jordan, Evan, Kevon, Ricky & Nora as middle safe, and they head out back.

Jason’s devil daughter doesn’t come off demonic, but pink & purple vegetation.

“That would be radicchio.”

She is missing the demonic element.  Lois faults the pink & gray skin tone.

Ve deems Jasmine’s work successful.  Neville likes it, and Glenn says it is exactly what they were looking for.

Brittany’s character has a bad burn with a candelabra.   Neville thinks she overreached.   He can’t tell the age or burn.  Lois calls it a foolish mistake.   Glenn thinks it could have been saved with a good paint job.  Ouch!

Stevie’s guy is a dragon knight.  Lois praises the sculpture, and suggests she be more confident.   Ve likes the blending work.

Scott’s guy is Don Quixote’s creative assistant.   Glenn claims it’s his best work yet.  He admires the restraint and accuracy.   Ve loved it up close.   Neville says Scott understand anatomy.

Meg’s work looks bizarre to Ve.  So much of it went wrong.  Glenn doesn’t like the grainy texture.  

Top three are Jasmine, Stevie & Scott.

Scott wins the Focus Challenge!

“I was really expecting to win a Ford Focus.”

Bottom dwellers are Brittany, Meg & Jason.

Brittany leaves for her overreaching, underachieving look.   She thanks the judges for the opportunity to be on the show.  Good on you, Brittany.

Lois’s nice parting words, that everyone makes mistakes, and she will have a great career, are so nice to hear.  

Did any of it *surprise* you this week?  I’m still thinking poor Missy’s banishment could have been shown in the proper episode.    

I know, let it go.



  1. Did you wonder if Jason had instructed his model to keep that weird grin plastered on her face? It seemed so inappropriate - she's supposed to be demonic, not misunderstood or beatific. I thought that was a big problem.

    Also: I can't root for Kevon (sic) because of how he (or his parents) spells (or spelled) his name.

  2. Nice recap! I love all the great/funny pics you sandwich in between the screencaps. It's nice to see how good most of the makeup effects looks in close-up.

    (I also appreciate the screencaps you use for PR recaps, how they show the looks from so many angles. We watch a livestream, can't pause it or go back to see more details later, but thanks to blogs like yours I can savor any details I missed.)

    Bravo-- or Lifetime or Syfy if you wish!-- to you, Mr. Rubino sir. ^__^