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Face Off s09e03 • Surprise Of The Century • 11 August 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants teamed up
in pairs to create beautiful, deadly sea sirens.

Meg won the challenge.  Kevon won, well, what would you call it?

I wouldn't be afraid to say it.

Both Sidney & Omar were eliminated.
It was a double elimination since
no one had gone on the first challenge.

It’s the 100th episode of Face Off and they are doing something special to celebrate.  So, they head over to the Pasadena Mausoleum to resurrect the dead?  No.  For the 100th episode host McKenzie Westmore will marry off seven real-life couples.

And before we get to the next bit, I know you are all thinking this.

It kind of reminds me of Face Off s01e05, "Switched & Hitched," where they made over engaged couples.  You know, the guys were made over as girls, and the girls as guys.

"Don't be shy, just SAY it, it was DRAG!"

"Oh, it doesn't remind you of TFS:UCs02e07?"

Yeah, it does, and so many others, too, including
RuPaul's Drag Race and Project Runway All Stars.

The Spotlight Challenge is to make over the couples as whimsical & macabre, for the ceremony on the reveal stage.   (Think Beetlejuice.)

They come up with their designs, sketch & scheme while at the mausoleum.  Most of them come up with something plausible & reasonable.

The exception:  Kevon & Evan.   Eventually they come up with a light & dark theme.  No more crisis, eh?

It’s Westmore Mentor Time!

Libby & Brittany's concept is acceptable to the Westmores.   Mr. W. suggests forming a crown on the female.

There is no cohesion between Ricky & Jordan’s looks.  Jordan's is indeed whimsical, so Ricky should match Jordan's.

Mr. Westmore tells Meg & Nora that they could take things further and go cartoony.  Nora seems to be on board.   But, notice later that she wishes she had gone farther with it.

Scott & Stevie might be in big trouble sculpting their Christmas carolers face prosthetics so thin.  But, it’s decided that they will run silicone and they seem happy.  Later, they run both.  They decide to use foam on day three.

On day 2 Missy gets a “mold whisperer” edit, helping others open their molds with ease.  Cute.  It doesn’t hold true to her own work, though.   Huh?

They show Evan starting his wing work.   I immediately think of all the prior wings, especially the first few seasons, that looked subpar, and the few that looked terrific.  Which way do you think it will go?

On reveal day Kevon accidentally destroys a prosthetic.  Evan tries to calm him down.  Nora thinks her paint work is getting away from her.  Ricky’s chest piece rips.

It’s the regular three judging:  Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill & Neville Page.

Jason & Missy

Scott & Stevie

Ricky & Jordan

Libby & Brittany

Ben & Jasmine

Meg & Nora

Evan & Kevon

McKenzie calls out Ben & Jasmine, Meg & Nora,

Jason & Missy and Ricky & Jordan as the top & bottom teams.

That means Scott & Stevie, Libby & Britanny and Evan & Kevon are safe middle, and wait in the back for the results.

The judges don’t mind the sculpting work but detest the paint job that Jason & Missy did.    The paint is too dark, and the wrong areas are high and low lighted.

Ve loves Ricky & Jordan’s pop art zombies, and the paint job.  Neville likes the chest work on the guy.   Glenn finds it successful at a distance and up close.

"What, you don't comment on Glenn's use of the word 'disco?'"

Neville calls Nora & Meg’s idea too subtle.   Ve even thinks they don’t understand what the word whimsical means.   

Glenn praises Ben & Jasmine’s work, even enjoying it at the silhouette at the very start of the reveal.   They liked the ideas, the sculpts and the paint job for each.

Top teams are Ricky & Jordan, and Ben & Jasmine.

Ben & Jasmine are the top team, and the win goes to Jasmine.

And then they all went to the wedding reception.   That’s right, no one got eliminated.  Ugh.   2 of the first 3 episodes found the judges unable to eliminate someone.  

I'm still kind of bummed that they didn't show the elimination.  That's half the judges' job, yes?  Would you keep your job if you were unable to do half of it?  I guess that the old weatherman line comes into play here.

Tune in next week for literary mashups.

Yes, mashups, mmmmm.


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