Thursday, August 6, 2015

Face Off s09e02 • Siren Song • 4 August 2015

Last time on Face Off the contestants created, in teams of two, an alien animal modeled by two people, not one.

Ben won the first challenge.

No one went home, although Omar,  Kevon, Stevie & Libby placed in the bottom.

You'd never have known it by the way she was buggin' on day 3, but Missy placed safe middle.

No one went home because, per Glenn, it was a tough challenge, and there was promise shown in the bottom dwellers.   

That's believable.

The 16 contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore on a U.S. Coast Guard vessel.    The challenge is to create, in teams of two, a sea creature (siren) of the sea who is quite beautiful, but deadly.   Alluring songs are a means to seducing their victims.

They have to use an inspiration written on a ring buoy (but they don’t see any representation other than the words) so it might be considered picking blindly.

They sketch on the ship, and then hit the lab/work room.

Sidney’s “we don’t want to go overboard in the design” sounds suspicious, eh?

Soon the Westmores, father mentor and daughter host, are there for inspection.

Jason & Evan are told to go further with the head piece.

Nora & Brittany are told that their vision is too subtle.     They get the sound byte “giant blunder.”  Ruh-roh!

Libby & Missy There is no cohesion between the head sculpt and the torso work by Libby & Missy. 

Jordan & Jasmine’s head work is too smooth, it looks like a bathing cap.     Mr. W. wants more of the yellow box bit high in the back of the head.

Kevon & Meg’s face look like it had an accident.  Harsh!   Mr. Westmore thinks the beauty aspect is missing.   Meg interviews that she is scared about starting over, but she does mere moments later.  No crisis.

On day two Omar redesigns his head work.    Libby is inspired to use feather quills.  Stevie is suckered into sucker work.  Or something.

Meg is fabricating an instrument.   Well, yes, music is a tool the siren will use, so this seems like an obvious choice.

Evan has trouble opening his mold, but he finally gets it open.  It doesn’t create a  perfect piece, but it will be usable.  Do you ever get the idea that these people DO know how to make a mold, but maybe there’s some producer manipulation when they aren’t looking?   I don’t know.   

Brittany is weaving E wire (eWire?) into her siren’s hair.

On day 3 Kevon has a messy poly-foam  near crisis, but Ben helps out, and nearly all of his wings are saved.

During last looks, Missy is lamenting her teams deviation from the original inspiration. 

Michael Sweet would be very sad.

Sidney & Omar are making their model to her own makeup.  What?   Didn’t they do one less piece than all the others?  After last looks Evan thinks he missed the mark.

Let’s see how they did.   Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Nell and Neville Page.  McKenzie sneaks in that two of them will be going home.   They must have seen that coming, since no one left on the first challenge.

Omar & Sidney

Jordan & Jasmine

Ricky & Ben

Libby & Missy

Kevon & Meg

Scott & Stevie

Jason & Evan

Nora & Brittany

McKenzie calls out Jason & Evan, Jordan & Jasmine,

Ricky & Ben, and Scott & Stevie as safe.    

Kevon & Meg think they did okay.  Glenn faked them out, saying they should be more proud of their great work.

“I like it, I’d go out with her.”

Ve loves that she is beautiful, yet creepy.  All the judges admire the work.

Ve states that Sidney & Omar’s clothing is the best part of their creation.   Ouch!   It doesn’t look cohesive, it looks like a helmet.     It also doesn’t seem like Sidney did any work.   Ouch II.

Missy & Libby’s character appears to be of two people fighting each other.   Neville hates the head piece.  Glenn hates the transition to the face.

“What man is gonna go to *that* thing?”

Kevon!   David "Vagina" Caldwell from TFS; UC s2 2.0. 

Nah, I'm being mean.  No one can compare to David.

Nora & Brittany’s work is a success, extraordinarily cohesive.  Neville finds it beautiful.   Ve likes that she actually has hair.

Top teams are Kevon & Meg, and Nora & Brittany.

Top duo is Kevon & Meg, with Meg being the individual winner, for the face work.

Bottom four are Sidney & Omar, and Missy & Libby.

Sidney is first to go.   I hate when Florida people go, but if he didn’t do as much work as everyone else, it makes sense.   

The second to go is Omar, for his cabbage brain look.  

Glowa kapusty indeed

That means Missy & Libby are safe.   Missy, you’re talented, I hope you have a challenge where you are happy and don’t cry on the reveal stage.  Poor thing.

Did you catch how Sidney was saying he went home because the caliber of the contestants was so high, and that he did his best?   As Glenn's words are starting to sink in (did they go to a bar one of the work days?) I'm getting nervous for a few reasons.

We did see Sidney working, so I am not sure about the editing.  But, mostly, I hope that I never 'phone it in,' but, rather, do my best, and LOOK IT, too, all throughout life. 

Do you agree with the win & eliminations?  It seemed pretty straightforward to me this week.

Tune in next week for the 100th episode!



  1. OK, first of all, THANK YOU for the pic above of Papa and Daughter Westmore. After seeing what that neckline does to even the bone-structurally-gifted Mackenzie, I will never again try to wear anything with that neckline.

    I really disagreed with the judges on this. I thought Ricky & Ben's piece was beautiful and moved incredibly interestingly, so I was disappointed to just see them "middle safe." I thought they should win. I saw no beauty at all in Kevon & Meg's siren's face.

    I'm disappointed that they've done team challenges for both of the first two episodes. Boo.

    And, perpetually: Boo, Papa Westmore. It's supposed to be THEIR vision and creativity, not yours. Still. -sigh-

  2. Also, I would've been interested to hear how the judges saw "two people fighting each other" in Missy & Libby's work. I mean, we know they were at odds, but what about the finished product narrated that story to the judges? Or do they just have underlings watching the footage and feeding them the drama, so they can seem omniscient?

    Also: while Libby did eventually seem to realize their finished product wasn't great, I wish she had acknowledged that her interference with Melissa's paint job was, at least possibly, a mistake. And I wish it had been mentioned at the judges' panel.