Thursday, July 9, 2015

Walking  4  9 July 2015

I did the Walmart run, er, walk again this morning, plus I hit Aldi later after the Nephrologist.  So, it was 4 miles total walked today.  As for the kidney doctor visit:  The good news is that I can still drink all the water I want to.  I was nervous that I was stage 4.  Nope, only 3.99, 9 repeating.

On the way into Walmart this morning there were SO many crows on the building, I thought I was in Hitchcock's "The Birds."   But, I wasn't dressed as nicely as Tippy.

As for Face Off & Project Runway, I will do a 'meet-the-contestants' post in a week or so.   I am glad they are returning.


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