Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Face Off Meet The Contestants
Season 9 Episode 1 Premiers Tuesday,
July 28th on SyFy

Are you ready?  

Host McKenzie Westmore, Mentor Michael Westmore, and
the judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill & Neville Page
all return with a new crop of contestants.

Let's check 'em out:

Stevie Calabrese • 26 y/o
Chicago, IL • Hometown Grayslake, IL
Artist & Instructor
Instructor at Kosart Atelier, IL. Worked w/ horror photographer Joshua Hoffine.  Makeup artist, commercials & web series. The Realm of Terror, IL, lead makeup & creature designer.

Sidney Cumbie • 31
Burbank, CA • Pace, FL
SFX Instructor
Self-taught. Worked on TV shows, commercials, webisodes, photo shoots, live demos & films.

Scott Fensterer • 43
Orlando, FL • Orlando, FL
Freelance Makeup Artist & Materials Specialist
Student of Dick Smith's Advanced Professional Makeup Course, passion for special effects makeup has grown into a lifelong career in art, including sculpting maquettes, toy & hobby prototypes, life-sized museum figures and private commissions for collectors the world over. Following a personal "reboot," Scott has turned his attention back to his first love of special effects makeup.

Evan Hedges • 29
Denver, CO • Boulder, CO
Art Director • SFXMA
Actively pursuing a career as a film maker & special effects makeup artist. He dedicates following his dreams and specifically his time on Face Off to his mother who recently passed away.

Jason Henricks • 36
Los Angeles, CA • Crane, OR
Freelance Makeup Artist
2012 graduate of Cinema Make-up School. Named 2013 RAW: San Francisco Makeup Artist Of The Year.  Lives in L.A. with his husband. Loves everything from basic beauty, to glam, avant-garde and horror/monster SFX.

Nora Hewitt • 25
Pittsburgh, PA • Barkhamsted, CT
Bartender & Freelance Makeup Artist
2015 graduate of Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects Program.

Brittany Leslie • 25
West Hollywood, CA • Mt. Sinai, NY
Makeup Artist / Designer
Multi-platform artist, event planning, personal styling and design, for film, TV, fashion, print/editorial & celebrity endeavors, both beauty & SFX.

Jordan Patton • 25
Pittsburgh, PA • Parkersburg, WV
Shop Technician & Freelance Makeup Artist
On scholarship to an art institute where he finished with the best portfolio of his graduating class. Since graduation, Jordan has been making original masks inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and tattoo art for local haunted houses and personal collectors.

Ben Ploughman • 34
North Hollywood, CA • Austin, TX
Freelance SFXMA
Ben Ploughman began his journey into the visual arts as a freelance animator in Texas before quickly changed gears and seeking out a career in film. After several years of exploring different positions within film production, he discovered a knack for makeup and practical effects. Following his passion, he relocated to Los Angeles and continues to work as a freelance makeup artist in addition to his work at Makeup and Effects Laboratories.

Jasmine Ringo • 31
Las Vegas, NV • Atlanta, GA
Freelance Makeup Artist & Educator
A 13-year veteran of the makeup industry, Jasmine Ringo has always had a passion for body art and special effects makeup. Mixing a love of high fashion and experience in beauty editorial with her makeup background, she looks to push boundaries and break rules. Recently, she was named the RAW Makeup Artist of the Year at the 2015 RAW Awards and has worked on films, music videos, award shows and specialty events.

Libby Rose • 28
New York, NY • Ojai, CA
Freelance Makeup Artist
Libby Rose is a New York-based makeup artist working in film, television and media. At an early age, she realized her love for character and creature design. This love eventually led her to pursue her passion in special effects makeup, an art she is captivated by because of its abilities to imbue with life what was once only a figment of someone's imagination.

Omar Sfreddo • 40
Hollywood, FL • Miami, FL
Art Director
A single father of two girls, Omar Sfreddo is the Art Director for an event company in Deerfield Beach, FL.  Graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a focus in SFX makeup.  Worked on Blade II, The Chronicles of Riddick, Sky High and The Last Samurai. In addition to his current day job, Omar works on his own line of masks and freelances in body painting & airbrush tattoos.

Melissa 'Missy Munster' Stell • 20
Palmdale, CA • Palmdale, CA
SFX Artist & Mic Stand Fabricator
Growing up with a passion for art and all aspects of the horror genre, Melissa 'Missy Munster' Stell is a full-time special effects makeup artist and a creator of custom mic stands. Born and raised in Palmdale, CA, she is a self-described "witchy metalhead freak" ready to break out in the special effects makeup industry, drawing attention with her talent and unique personal style.

Ricky Vitus • 22
Bellport, NY • Schenectady, NY
Creature Designer & SFX Artist
Finds inspiration in nature & animals.  Self-taught, then attended Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects Program.  Ricky currently designs for Gateway Haunted Playhouse in Bellport, NY.

Kevon Ward • 27
Denver, CO • Rock Spring, WY
SFX Artist
Self taught.   Works in puppetry, set & prop design, illustration, graphic design, fine art and film production.

Meg Wilber • 24
Ewing, NJ • Hightstown, NJ

Prosthetics Fabricator & SFXMA
FIT NYC BFA in Illustration, Specialization in Photography.  Works in both beauty/fashion and horror genres.   Runs own prosthetics & fabrication company.

There are Floridians once again to root for, especially Mr. Orlando Scott Fensterer.    Some readers know that I find the bios posted on SyFy to be all over the place.   I mean, some read like a genuine resume, some come off more like a page out of a diary.    My theory, proven again last season, is that the first person to go will have had a fantastic bio.   We'll see how it goes in a couple of weeks.


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