Friday, July 31, 2015

Walking  2  31 July 2015

Yeah, it was just 2 miles, but, hey, I'm logging it in every time I burp, fart or pick my nose, so why not include a measly 2 miles, eh?   I waked home FROM THE PODIATRIST.   My foot is better, and yet I do NOT have permission to walk, jog or swim.

I don't know if I can follow those directions.  We will see.

The goal is still to be able to jog regularly.    If the new (2nd pair ever for me) diabetic sneakers that will arrive in mid-August do the trick, I might not have to have surgery.  If not, I will. We will see.

Face Off is back and PR will be back VERY soon.   Je suis heureux!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Face Off s09e01 • Intergalactic Zoo • 28 July 2015

The 16 fresh faces of season 9 meet up at the Dinosaur Hall of the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.  Host McKenzie Westmore informs them there’s no time for a Foundation Challenge, they’re jumping into the Spotlight Challenge immediately.

Too played out & overused, ouias?


"I don't care, Sweet Brown still makes me smile."

Meanwhile, the challenge:  In teams of two, makeover 2 models to appear as one alien animal, inspired by a pre-approved subject, which will be either an animal or a mineral (or gem.)  The main takeaway I get from McKenzie is to think outside the box.  So, if it comes off as unimpressive as a Halloween horse costume, there's gonna be trouble.

"I'm not gonna go there."

Judge Neville Page is on hand to guide the contestants.  

Ya know, as soon as he proclaims that he's excited to be there, all I could think was, "Yes, I'm excited that there are 16 more contestants, who, once they leave the show, will be vying for the same jobs I hope to land in the world of special effects makeup."

Stevie & Libby get a nice bio edit (you know what that means, they’re either best or worst.)  Neville bristles at their back story, urges them to focus on the organic creature, and less on how they fit into a culture.  Soon everyone's in the work room, sculpting.  It's a typical 3 day challenge (approximately 5 hours on day 1, double on day 2, and 5 hours on the day they are judged.)

Mentor Time!

Ricky & Jasmine learn that the bottom of the face looks too human.

Missy (& Meg) hear “If you get it muddy I’m going to kill you.  Start off light & build up.”  Ha!  Mr. W. is all gangsta over the paint job.  Cute.

Nora & Scott are advised to use one mold over & over for the horns, presumably to save time.

Evan & Sidney created a devil.  Mr. Westmore wants asymmetry.

Jason & Brittany.  Again, he sees models with a mask.  He wants less human features.

Y eso es todo!

On day two Omar & Kevon get a strong edit with their oversized fabrication.  On day three what they made is so awkward, they can’t get the models in it and then head over to last looks.  I wonder if anyone else had the same trouble.  It's not shown, if they do.

There are sad faces & crying as they finish.
Seems like it's more than normal for a first challenge.
Maybe it's just the edit.   

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Let’s see how they did:

Ricky & Jasmine
Alligator Skin

Jordan & Ben
Azurite with Malachite

Omar & Kevon

Nora & Scott
Ram Horn

Evan & Sidney
Schorl Tourmaline with Albite

Missy & Meg
Herbivore Jaw

Stevie & Libby
Native Silver

Jason & Brittany
Turtle Shell

Ricky & Jasmine, Jason & Brittany,

Missy & Meg and Nora & Scott are all safe middle.

Glenn calls Sydney & Evan’s work amazing.   The judges enjoy the tentacle movement in the back.  Glenn is glad they found a way to utilize the 2nd model.

Kevon explains they wanted to create a clam.  Ve sees a little kid’s TV show, it's too cartoony.  Neville accuses them of going too literal, making an outright clam.  Personally, the reveal shows an unfinished paint job.  Or did they finish and I just didn't understand their work?  What I do understand, and am finding priceless, is Kevon's non-verbal communication.   I wanted Glenn to walk over, give him a big bear hug, hold Kevon's face in his hands, brush aside his hair, and look him straight in the eyes, and say, "It's okay, you're gonna make it.  Breathe.  Smile.  Relax." 

If only Sgt. Benson had been there to say, "It's okay."

Libby & Stevie’s concept was an insect where one head distracts the prey, while a camouflaged one eats the victim.  Neville finds the use of the two models quite poor, unimaginative.  Ve admits that she likes the paint job.

Ben & Jordan showed intelligent design, per Glenn.  Ve calls it a subterranean dinosaur.  Neville sees the mineral inspiration and is pleased.

Top teams are Sidney & Evan, and Jordan & Ben, and the ultimate winner is Ben.  The judges adored his face paint job.

That means the bottom four are Libby & Stevie, Omar & Kevon.

Glenn lets them all stay!   They threw more at them than they usually do

“That’s a bunch of @#$%.”

so they let them stay.   I think it was more that it was too close to call. So much was shared amongst the team members, in both concept & execution.

That was a cute fake, telling the contestants waiting out back that they were all four eliminated.  Hope Stevie sticks around just for that 'quickness.'   Maybe it will translate to her own work.

Tune in next week when Ve teaches us the meaning of ‘whimsical.’  

Lastly, I ain’t buyin’ that NPH ever drank a Heinie.  Even just a sip of diet/light/lo-cal.    I don’t think he’s consumed any calories in years.