Monday, June 22, 2015

Swimming  25 & 25  22 June 2015

I swam 25 laps & walked 25 laps this morning.   I love being able to hit the pool nearly every day.  I do hope to up my laps, but my foot says not yet.  I've got 2 superficial wounds, one from merely tearing off a bandaid.  Ugh.

I get blood work done on Wednesday, I see the original podiatrist on Friday, and then the nephrologist (kidney specialist) on the following Thursday.  THEN I might know whether my kidneys are gonna hold up or be the end of me, and how soon that might be.  My mother died from kidney failurein 2012, so of COURSE that is on my mind.

I have no idea at this point what to expect.  I have felt the kidney pain in the last month, and that is not a good sign.   I do want to live forever, but if health isn't part of the equation, what will my plan for persevering be?   So many unknowns.

Well, I know I want Futurama to return.
And, I can hardly wait for PR & FO to return next month.


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