Wednesday, June 3, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race s7e14
Grand Finale • 1 June 2015 

Filmed May 19th at L.A.'s Orpheum Theatre, aired June 1st on Logo TV, RuPaul crowned a winner for season 7.  Did you agree with the way things played out?
The group dance number was axed.  Instead, the contestants walked the runway in order of elimination. 
I *think* that the time with the eliminated contestants was ripped out so we could see each of the finalists lip synch to a song written specifically for them.

Ginger took us to church with "Pray & Slay."

I felt uncomfortable for Ginger when her father was shown on video (this is someone Ginger seems to have been estranged from for years.)   You know, sometimes when Ru touts that Drag Race is *bringing families together*  it is absolutely the truth.    However during this episode I wondered if it was merely damage control on the elder Minj.

I know, I picked on Ginger all season for how she treated her fellow contestants, and now I'm picking on a relative of hers.  But, I really felt uncomfortable for her when her father shows up on video saying he's always approved of her.  For me, that's nullifying Ginger yet again.   I believe Ginger when she says she didn't have a decent relationship with her father because he didn't approve of her.   Here's to hoping I'm all wrong on this and they all live happily ever after.

Later Ginger Minj stated that she was too big to NOT throw shade, and that everything comes from a place of love.

Because it was love in episode 12 where
she was furious with Violet for being young
(and incapable of respecting the win of RPDR.)
Uh-huh.  Sure.  Whatever you say.

Pearl entertained us with "Sleepwalker."

Pearl quickly admits that Ru was right when Ru told her that the fear of looking stupid was holding her back.  

They also discussed 'The Curse Of Pearl,' where someone crosses Pearl, and they end up being eliminated next.  Pearl brings up the obvious, that Ru wasn't kicked off the show, which brings laughs all around.  Lastly, Pearl wants to be taken seriously as a real talent, not just admired for being the drag queen who is the hottest out of drag.

Violet Chachki performed "Too Many Daddies."

Violet explains she tailored her Catholic School uniform, and now it all falls into place, she is just being a rebel to her upbringing, right?  

Then we get the mini-run through of those already eliminated, Tempest through Kennedy.  There was less banter with the already axed queens.  No one was asked what they would have done for The Snatch Game, etc.   My main problem is Jasmine Masters' wig, which screams, "I'm too afraid to go over the top, I refuse to do drag."  Remember Carson's critique on episode one (it looked too normal, even though she looked beautiful.)   Can't ya heard Bianca Del Rio screaming, "JER—RAAAAAAG !!!!"

I loved Mrs. KD's line about wearing two of Violet's corsets on her fingers.  Adorable!

Katya was awarded the ONLY $5,000.00 Miss Congeniality award.  (Ivy & BDLC won $10,000.00.)

"Things are tough all over."


This past year's queen, Bianca Del Rio, comes out in her version of a "Tin Man."

Not either of these tin men.

And not this girl, either.

... and she congratulates Violet after a fake out with Katya.

The fake out was adorable, though.

I've been saying all along that I wanted Violet to win over Ginger Minj, and yet, kept getting confused because Ginger was SO good.   Just like last year with Bianca & Courtney, it's always better when the #2 is VERY strong.   They both were fantastic.  And, don't get me started on season one.

And, lest we forget, Pearl did give us this.

Oh, please, we are better for having seen each of the 14 contestants this season.   What a blessing and a joy they all were.   Now, season 8 contestants, be nicer to each other than the some of the season 7 contestants were.  Nobody likes hating a finalist, or even a contestant who goes home first.


Wait a minute.   I wonder if they did this season's finale differently because Ginger couldn't stand to be next to Violet?

Wait, no, they were holding hands near the end.  Well, that idea is obliterated before it left the barn.  Or something.

Well, I guess it's just walking and swimming posts till July, eh?   I really should check the SyFy page, maybe the new contestants for Face Off are already up?   I don't think PR starts filming till June 14th.   It looked like Face Off had already filmed at least ONE episode 


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