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RuPaul's Drag Race s7e12
And The Rest Is Drag • 18 May 2015 

Last time on RPDR the five queens
embraced the world of Hello Kitty.     

The challenge was to create drag high fashion out of HK products, plus create a cohort for HK that reflected the queen somehow, yet was appropriate & believable for the world of HK.

Violet dominated the challenge.
That's two wins in a row, and 3 total.
(Ginger also has 3, Kennedy & Pearl each have 2)

Bottom two were Katya
& Kennedy Davenport.   

Kennedy wasn’t going anywhere, not
with that high-impact, electric lip synch.

Katya was eliminated,

placing fifth for the season.

"I don’t know about you, but, personally,
a lot of great contestants only place 5th."

Shortly after, back in the work room, Kennedy and Ginger are furious that they had to sew on the Hello Kitty challenge.   Violet & Pearl remind them that it is normal to expect to sew.   Without looking it up, yours truly would just assume that each season has at least one unconventional materials challenge (usually episode 1) and a themed challenge (think the last episode before the final music video challenge.)   Many mini-challenges involve minor sewing tasks, and the opportunity always exists to make something on all challenges, should a contestant feel that doing so would result in a better, more on-point look.

Soon enough, Michelle Visage is there to inform that they will meet Mama Ru for lunch.

"But not with me, back off!"

They'll also work on choreography with Candis Cayne, 

and film a music video (for “Born Naked”)
under the guidance of Mathu Anderson,
complete with his partially pink beard.   
P!nk, Kelly Osborne & Katy Perry 
are no longer using it, so I
guess he figured it was his turn.

If I only had the chance.

Violet is shown struggling with learning her steps.    

Both Pearl & Violet are shown needing help during the acting bit.

Ginger is shown being cranky & entitled throughout the episode.   I wish she would just concentrate on her work (Ginger is generally genuinely great.)   As Ginger picks on Violet more & more, I like her less & less.   Is she trying to be the bully of the season, like Roxxxy in season 5?   I’m ready for Russell Crowe to throw a phone at her.

Too old?

I’m ready for Kanye West to show up and take Ginger Minj’s wins & prizes away from her. 

Still too old?

How about Bianca Del Rio to throw some shade?  I mean, think of it, Bianca was HELPING her fellow contestants, she felt so sure of her success.   Let’s assume something here, that the other’s were sub-par and NEEDED BDR's assistance & expertise.

"I can't believe how Ginger continually harasses Violet.
She killed a fly for her, goddamnit!
It's a f#@!-ing tragedy!"


When Ru is Tic-Tac-ing with Violet it hits me:  Violet is being called the shadiest queen, but Ginger Minj has earned that title, hands down.

Maybe Violet should apologize for winning that trophy at the DESPY Awards, and hand it to Ginger.    
How are you enjoying the Miss Richfield 1981 Orbitz commercials?  I miss the commercials with former RPDR contestants!  Shouldn’t The Pit Crew be in one?

At least there's this.

Oh, and this.   I don't know, sometimes I like it,
and sometimes I think they're trying to hard.
Like they scrubbed for hours in the bathtub after filming wrapped
and they scrubbed harder and more diligently
than Emma Pillsbury would a suspect piece of fruit.

Ah, we’re back, and Ginger is annoyed that Violet & Pearl exist.  Or, aren’t worthy of being on the same show.  Or the planet.  Man, it’s getting old.  When Pearl & Violet let off some steam by goofing around with some clothes they brought, Ginger loses it.  Kennedy is right along side her.   Such a shame they never learned proper sportsmanship.

Anyway, let’s see how they did on the runway.

Kennedy Davenport

Violet Chachki

Ginger Minj


Ru shows photos of the contestants to them on the runway, asking what they would say to the younger versions of themselves.

Then the critiques.  I’d guess that all equally look great, but the judges didn’t like Violet’s runway.  Well, Ross did.  (Get a room!)

Then they show the dancing & acting challenges for each.  I believe Kennedy did the worst with the acting, because they make a point to say to the others that each did three distinctly separate characters, while Ms. Davenport’s were all similar.

Pearl hears the most criticism on the dancing (rightly so) but I think Ginger Minj hears euphemisms which she misconstrues as out & out compliments.  Kennedy aces the dancing, Violet gets good marks, too.  So, the worst at dancing is Pearl, acting is Kennedy and runway is Violet?  I don't know, I agree with Vi's BFF Ross, she is trying to show versatility.  Plus, the very thought that she did worst on runway, an area of expertise for her, blows my mind.  I acquiesce that Pearl is the worst dancer, but I don't *mind* it for the show.

Yes, Milla Jovovich, RuPaul's "I didn't mind it" Race.

Dear Kennedy, I don't condone using the word 
'condone' in place of the word 'conduct.'

Ru has them all lip synch (to “Born Naked”) and then lets Kennedy go, so she places 4th for the season.   Funny how Ginger just sits on the stage edge.   Too cool to dance with the other three?

I would never have guessed that Kennedy would go on THIS kind of a challenge.   I did think that Kennedy & Ginger would be top two, and Violet would be along for the ride.   That’s not how I *wanted* it to go, but what I anticipate.

We have a top 3!  Ginger, Pearl & Violet.  I understand that they filmed the finale on the 19th, but Ru *now* asks for everyone to vote for who they want to win.   So, do the math, it doesn’t matter.

“Like HELL it doesn’t matter!
Only *I* have the experience, 
only *I* have the talent and
only *I* have the dedication to win!
*I*  *I*  *I*  *I* !!!!!

For what it’s worth, I want Violet to win.  She is the one I want to see more of, from those remaining.

For Ginger Minj fans, I think Ginger is a real threat.  She earned all her wins.   She also persevered in her weak areas to achieve.   I fault nothing but her attitude, her treatment of others.  But, it's just ... SO bad.  It's enough to be praying, you know, 'cause there but for the grace of God go I.   Well, except, I have no talent.

Ah .... 1979.


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