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RuPaul's Drag Race s7e11
Hello Kitty Girl •  11 May 2015 

Last time on RuPaul’s Drag Race the contestants were on two other shows instead of RPDR. 

Katya & Violet Chachki won the challenge.   

Ginger & Trixie were bottom two,

with Trixie being eliminated


Something to take away is that everyone seemed to do well on the challenge, so things were close.

After Trixie's elimination, and right after Ginger is cleaning up the lipsticked mirror, she asks Violet Chachki:

"Does it scare you, being the only one here who has not had to lip synch?"

Which brings interesting reactions from Pearl & Kennedy.

"Why, yes, I am scared that I haven't been showing up in the bottom,
and I'm jealous of you being there consistently."
Well no, Violet didn't say *that.*  She volleyed back
with "Ginger, how does it feel to have a weakness?"

Ginger Minj isn't having it.
She responds that she cries every night before sleep.
Or did she say panic attack?
How does that make her 'win' the fight she started?

Shouldn't a contestant just win by the work
and not try to trip up other contestants?
I guess Ginger is on Survivor.

Life lesson learned from Ginger Minj:  When you feel threatened, harass a fellow contestant under the guise of just being curious, or even reading.   Is that how you saw it?   Seems to me she is more unnerved than she needs to be.   When one has to trip another, in order to win the race, in my unimportant opinion, he's already lost.

The next morning Ru comes in to the work room and brings back the Puppet mini-challenge.

“Why's it always gotta be puppets?”

Everyone seems to do okay,

except I would pick on Kennedy for not
opening the puppet’s mouth when she should have.

And, I have to point out Pearl's version of Kennedy 
with the Phoenix rising from the ashes
of episode 6, Ru Hollywood Stories.

Ginger wins!  Wait, didn’t her vocal characterization come off more like Danny DeVito than Violet Chachki?  Still, she was quick and had decent material.

Then RuPaul introduces Santino Rice:   You have to create a look that matches or belongs in his 8 billion dollar empire.


Well, no, Ru introduced Hello Kitty, who is mute as ever.

“I *know* you didn’t just pick on a mute

... or a mute."

Wait, a mute person doesn’t have words!

“           .”

And, finally, yes, I almost typed Miss instead of Hello.

The maxi-challenge is to walk the runway  with Hello Kitty materials, but still show their own aesthetic, while showing the HK influence.

Later Ru adds another look:  A BFF character for Hello Kitty, that actually could exist in her world.

Did it just get hot in here?

I got ahead of myself.   For the Ru-Thru, Santino Rice was there.  Yes, he told Katya to make it work.

“The very idea!”

I liked that when Ru set Violet up for the Red Lobster joke, that she took the opportunity and ran with it, succinctly.

"You can't expect that to happen every time, for everyone."

Joining Ru at the judging table are Michelle & Carson along with Santino Rice and Rebecca Romijn.

Yes, Mystique, but not Mystique.

First, the BFF’s of Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty, Violet Chachki, Ginger Minj,
Pearl, Katya & Kennedy Davenport

Then, the Hello Kitty Eleganza!

Violet Chachki

Ginger Minj



Kennedy Davenport

Violet only hears compliments on her HKBFF and her runway.   When was the last time THAT happened?

Ginger Minj hears good things about her HKBFF, but the judges give her a mixed review on the runway look.

Then she has a Belloq moment, a fly is after her.  

At least she didn't eat it like Belloq, did, huh?
I hate flies.  Now I have mercy for you, Ginger Minj.
No one deserves fly torture.

Pearl hears good & bad, too.  She humorously acknowledges both Santino's reference, and that she didn't know what he was talking about.  Michelle ain't havin' any.

Katya hears good about the HKBFF and bad about her outfit, mostly that it doesn't make sense, the 60'a hair & pearls versus the rest of the outfit.  Rebecca gets it, but the other judges imply that it was a bad concept to begin with.

Kennedy hears a mix, but mostly is told she didn't push far enough for her level of talent.

Over on Untucked,
Kennedy & Katya are sure
they are lip synching.

Katya admits that she just wants to
watch Kennedy dance, she’s that
brilliant of a performer.  How sweet.

Wasn't that cute, Ginger was homeschooled because
she was always busy acting in something, 
while Pearl was homeschooled because
she refused to GO to school.  Ha!

Pearl is safe.

Kennedy is up for elimination.

Violet wins the challenge!
You could see it coming a mile away,
she clearly earned it.

She wins a bunch of Hello Kitty accessories.

At first I thought she was winning
a Hello Kitty pencil case.

Ginger is safe, not like the fly.

Katya joins Kennedy in the bottom two.

They lip synch to Katy Perry’s “Roar.”  Katya does alright, and Kennedy outshines her by far.   She is strong, animated, and full of spirit.

Or splits.   

Katya does a split, too, but it comes off anticlimactic.  If it wasn’t obvious before just who was going, it sure is now.

 Kennedy stays,

Katya is sent packing.

Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova is gone!   I was rooting for her to be top 3.  Once again I prove I have no pull with diety.

Top four are Ginger Minj, Kennedy Davenport, Pearl & Violet Chachki.  Who do you want to win?  Which will indeed win?   The Internet is all a buzz with the idea that Pearl really tries hard in the last challenge and pulls a victory from behind.  Nice story, but I am rooting for Violet & Kennedy.  I suspect Ginger will win, but I’m not rooting for her as much as the others.   Oh, hell, why am I not rooting for the hometown girl?

“The very idea!”

But, I should also remember that maybe Ginger is merely getting a bad edit.  Maybe she has a heart, too.  Regarlless of color.   And, maybe when she 'reads' another to her face, she is just giving them an opportunity to be even funnier back at her?

Maybe I am just over Danny DeVito.  Poor Minj didn't stand a chance with me!


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  1. I actually liked Kennedy's phoenix outfit, its so avant garde.