Wednesday, May 6, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race s7e10
Prancing Queens •  4 May 2015 

Last time on RuPaul’s Drag Race there was a lot of Divine, John Waters, eggs and poo.  But no cha-cha heels.

Ginger won the challenge.

Pearl and Miss Fame lip synched,

on Futurama, evidently.

with Miss Fame being eliminated.

The mini-challenge this week is to utilize lots of tape and then makeup themselves up as a ‘real housewife.’   They get 20 minutes.

“Kennedy looks like she usually looks.  Girl, did she put *any* tape on?”

At any rate, we have Pearl, Kennedy & Violet, 

and Ginger, Trixie & Katya.

Adorable, eh?

Ru awards the win to:  Violet Chachki!

The maxi-challenge is “Dancing With The Stars,” so to speak.  They are to dress half butch, half drag, and make like they are dancing for charity.

Violet chooses to work with Katya,

she puts Ginger & Trixie together,

and that leaves Kennedy & Pearl.

The Ru-thru does come quite early.  Kennedy seems more at ease than Pearl.  Trixie is worried about being outshined by Ginger.   Ginger is concerned because she doesn’t dance, at all.  Violet’s trouble with rhythm & timing in the last challenge is mentioned.   Katya doesn’t have a weakness?   Katya for the win, eh?

Carson Kressley and Kym Johnson teach and coach the routines.  You know how it goes, they all have a terrible rehearsal, but the final result will be killer.  Or kill them.    

Joining RuPaul, Michelle & Carson are Rachael Harris and Alyssa Milano (who is still with RuPaula.)

Kennedy Davenport

Trixie Mattel

Ginger Minj

Violet Chachki


Pearl & Kennedy Davenport

Trixie Mattel & Ginger Minj

Violet Chachki & Katya

The judges admired that Pearl had a great attitude despite her lack of dancing background.

Kennedy’s performance is called effortless.

Was that really supposed to be a
mash up of blase and la-di-da?

Trixie nailed the runway look, per Michelle.  Carson liked half of the dance routine.  Uh-oh!

Michelle says Ginger wasn’t bad with the dancing, but still seemed off.   Ginger admits her biggest fear is dancing in public.

Michelle loves Katya with black hair.  Rachael calls the boy side “hot, douchy guy.”   Ha!

Violet hears so much praise, rightly so.

Over on Untucked Alyssa Edwards (not Milano with RuPaula Chachki inside) sends a video message of support to Kennedy.  Pearl is certain she is going home.

Katya & Violet win the challenge!

The team won the challenge, there was no individual winner.

Each wins a gown and a suit.
Why they cut off Alan &
Tim's heads I can't tell you.
Psychoneurasthenic, too much TV?

Pearl & Kennedy are safe.

That means Trixie & Ginger are bottom two.

It just hit me, the video for Robyn S(tone)’s "Show Me Love" finds her in a suit, right?   Well played, Ru.  (And, ugh, those silly cuffs!)

Trixie is eliminated, Ginger is kept on.  Was there any doubt?   I’m glad Trixie made it back a few episodes ago, and did well on the challenge she went out on.

Now that we have a top 5, how do you place them?  Who do you want to win the whole thing?  Are you glad that they aren't showing so much in-fighting like they did on season five?   Yes, there is a bit of coolness from the queens towards Violet Chachki, but I don't think it is extreme, and I do see it abating.

Well, Pearl was convinced that she was leaving this week.   Maybe she was just off an episode?

Tune in next week for Hello Kitty!


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