Sunday, May 31, 2015

Walking  3  31 May 2015

It was a glorious morning.   Yes, I went on a WCWPB run, er, walk.  Priorities.  So, that was 3 miles total.  No worries, my foot is okay.

I'm using the xeroform on the foot, just in case.

Ya know what's funny?  I am not EATING any of the peanut butter, nor the Xeroform, but instead I'll be going to sleep.   Again, priorities.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Swimming  10 & 30+  29 May 2015

I wanted to tan, so I hit the pool.   I swam 10 laps, I walked 30 and then lost count.

Numbers are hard.

I'm a bit afraid of jogging again, especially since I do NOT have the podiatrist's approval just yet.  But, the pool is approved.  

Eager to see Violet win in a few days.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race s7e13
Countdown To The Crown • 25 May 2015 

Last week we saw the top four contestants film a music video.  It contained both dancing & acting.  The elder two, Ginger Minj & Kennedy Davenport, continued to throw shade at the youngsters, Violet Chachki & Pearl.

"They all look pretty young to me!"

“You don’t want to be known as being a bitch.”

Don’t worry, Ginger, we don’t think of
Violet as a bitch.  Just you & Kennedy.

I am not disagreeing (or agreeing) with Ginger’s or Kennedy’s assessment.   We viewers only see what makes the final edit.   We don’t know what happens off camera.  We also don’t know if they are being egged on by the producers.  (Okay, they are there for a reason, they probably are instigating most of this.)   Yet, G&K have been so over the top in their disdain for Violet (and to a lesser extent, Pearl.)  When a contestant mocks another to such a great degree, I cry fowl.

No, not *that* fowl.

No, not vowel.

Ru eliminated Kennedy,
presumably for her acting.
She places fourth for the season.

Last Monday night’s episode was sort of a recap on the way to next week’s coronation of the latest winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  We got a few mini-countdowns, and lots of prior queen commentary, a la "I Love The '80s," et al.

Top 4 Skinny Bitches
1. Voilet Chachki

2. Pearl,
always sans mousse de caoutchouc

3. Miss Fame

4. Jasmine Masters

Top 3 Large & In Charge Bitches
1. Jaidynn Diore Fierce

2. Ginger Minj

3. Kennedy Davenport

Top 5 Hairy Marys
1. Kennedy Davenport (Snatch Game)

2. Max

3. Kandy Ho

4. Pearl

See the resemblance?

5. Katya 

Stay Naked
1. Violet Chachki

2. Trixie in the workroom

3. Ginger cuts off Sasha during lip synch

4. Katya

Fitness Is Fierce
1. Fly Girl, Fly: Kennedy Davenport during lip synch

2. Dance your padded ass off:  Prancing Queens

3. Get Plenty Of Rest (But Not Too Much, Pearl)

4. Don’t act your age:  Sissy that walker

5. Don’t Forget To Stretch: Katya is limber

Honorable Mention:  The Plastic Is Fantastic
Real Housewives tape gets its own shout out.

The Drag Race Diet
1. Protein (like eggs)

2.  (Boxed) red win is good for you

3. There’s always room for Jello

Know Your Lingo
1. RuPaul explains appropriating the line “She done already done had hers’s."

2. Pearls Of Wisdom:  Flazéda
(The bastardization of blasé & la-ti-da)
(I really thought only lower case letters could
receive an accent, not upper case letters)

3. When Life Gives You Lemons
Jasmine Masters: No T, No Shade, No Pink Lemonade

4. The Kennedy Curse: The Struggle Is Real

5.  Build That Brand
(Miss Fame is a g#@d!%$ brand!)

6.  JDF “No ma’am, Pam.”

7. The Chachki Cheer: “Come Through!”

8.  Ginger floods her basement.

Raja & Raven's Favorite Looks
1. Ru’s black velvet with the white afro

2. Katya "Death Becomes Her" shark

3. Violet "Hello Kitty" look

4. KD leather & lace gown

Raja & Raven's Least Favorite Look
Death Becomes Kennedy (Her "Phoenix" Look)

"We'll *I* liked it."

Honesty Is The Best Policy 
1. I Don’t Wanna Hear Any GD Excuses.
Be Prepared.  Make It Work.  Make It Happen.

2. Motherly Love ("You said I have no personality.")

3. Queens Go Clean (Sobriety)

4. Mad about Michelle (I hate Michelle Visage)

Ru played the Born Naked Video and that was pretty much it.   Why Debra Messing was in that first bit is beyond me.

I see Ginger and Violet each being worthy of the win.  I adore Pearl, but I'd prefer one of the other two to win.  I hope it's Violet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be Ginger.   I got my way with seasons 4, 5 & 6, so, clearly, this isn't my turn.

Maybe I'm just cranky because I haven't seen Shawn Morales this season.   At least we had Miles Davis Moody.