Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Walking  6‬  21 April 2015

I had to hit the post office this morning, so that means I walked 6 miles.    Mission accomplished, my feet aren't any worse for it, and packages are on their way.   I was, again, SO inspired to start jogging.  (I have been yearning to jog again, as I get closer to the perceived on my part approval from the podiatrist.)

There was a guy following me, then in front of me, jogging and shadow boxing.  (Not the guy pictured, it was on the sidewalk on Goldenroad, South of Curry Ford.)   He kept making sure I was watching, and I was trying to employ civil inattention.    Was he hitting on me?

So, I go into the post office, I am there a 'long' time, maybe a full 10 minutes.  When I get out, he is waiting there with a smile.   I just kept walking.

I don't think he was a stalker, but I do think he was trying to strike up a conversation.   I didn't take the bait.

I don't know.   Being blind, I have no idea if he was ugly or handsome.    He could have been Barack Obama, Rob Kardashian, or William Hung for all I know.  I respond more to personality than looks, anyway.    Maybe I should have politely complimented him on working out.

And, then I started to feel like Miss Fame, always missing what is going on around me.   I miss actually seeing what is going on around me and understanding what is at play.   Maybe Miss Face is blind like me?


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