Wednesday, April 22, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race s7e08
Conjoined Queens •  20 April 2015 

Last time on RPDR the maxi-challenge was the fan-favorite, Snatch Game!

Kennedy won for her daring portrayal of Little Richard.

Ginger ALSO won for her hilarious send-up of Adele.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce was in the bottom 2 again,
this time for a too basic portrayal of Raven Symone
and a busted runway look.

And, yet, that was miles above Max's dead channeling of Sharon Needles,
thought she did get the look down perfect.
She kept saying throughout the episode that she 
didn't want to be trampy or trashy.
I guess that was code for not wanting to try hard
or to be funny or entertaining, or even competent.

Her gracious, humble manner in losing was NOWHERE to be seen.
Why did she think that it was appropriate
to act like that on the runway during judging?

Oh, and RuPaul threatened to bring back an eliminated contestant.

After Max’s elimination, and Ru’s proclamation, the remaining contestants muse over who might be coming back.

The next morning, in the work room, Ru brings in Latrice Royale, in her Tuckahoe Prison garb.

“It’s like seeing Sharon Stone!”

“What a clueless queen.”

The mini-challenge is to dress up a la “Orange Is The New Black.”  

Can you tell who the best is?  Yeah, neither can I.  Alright, I am blind, but, still, usually I can figure out these things before they reveal the winner.

Speaking of, Kennedy Davenport wins the mini-challenge.  

Then ALL of the eliminated contestants of the season comes into the work room.  Ah, I get it, the 7 still in the game will be paired with the 7 already eliminated.

The maxi-challenge is to make over the one each is pair with, like a conjoined twin.  Ha!   The winner gets her partner back in the game.    Kennedy gets to pair them all, since she won the mini-challenge.

The key themes shown are that Sasha Belle is not focused.  I don’t know if that is what really happened or not.   On the Ru-thru, everyone seems to be paired at the hip or VJJ, except for Ginger & Sasha, who will be connect at the boobs.  Ha!

When Miss Fame is approached, well, verbal diarrhea isn’t strong enough to explain her gift of gab.  What’s worse, she still can lobby back the answer to “How’s your head?”

Ru finally spells it out to her, and she STILL doesn’t answer with “no complaints,” or a funnier comeback.  UGH.

Joining Ru at the judges table are Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Nelson Ellis and LeAnn Rimes.

Miss Fame & Kandy Ho

Jaidynn Diore Fierce & Tempest DuJour

Kennedy Davenport & Jasmine Masters

Pearl & Trixxie Mattel

Violet Chachki & Max

Ginger Minj & Sasha Belle

Katya & Mrs. Kasha Davis

Michelle finds Miss Fame & Kandy Ho’s look weak (Sharon Needles and even Pearl did it before and better.)  Ross calls it least creative.  Miss Fame FINALLY answers the “How’s You’re Head” set up.

Michelle thinks the concept is cute, but the look is anemic, basic.   Wait, that’s it?

Because each is a pageant queen, Michelle thinks Kennedy & Jasmine could have pushed it further.  Ross thought is was on purpose, that it fell short, so, he liked it.   Do you think Ross is right?
Michelle is BEAMING over Pearl & Trixie’s work and look.  Ross is a fan.  That was too quick of a critique!   What’s with this?

Michelle claps for the work Violet did to make Max look SO good.   Nelson approves, but Ross finds it lacking.

Michelle likes the idea, but not the execution of Ginger's & Sasha's shared boobs   LeAnn wants it to look more real.  Ross didn’t mind the mistakes, ‘cause it looked like it came out of a John Waters movie.

Michelle let’s Katya & Mrs. Kasha Davis know that she laughed the most at their work.   They have a strong look, and are ‘on’ with their characters.

Pearl is the winner of the challenge!   That means Trixie is back in the race.    Pearl won a custom-designed website.   

Katya is safe.

Kennedy is safe.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce is up for elimination.

Violet Chachki is safe.

Miss Fame gets chewed out, but is safe.
Wanna bet, no matter what the next challenge holds,
that she goes next?  You know, she *finally*
mastered the head joke.  Her story is complete.

At any rate, that means that
Ginger Minj is up for elimination.

You don’t even need to see a lip synch to know where this is going.  But, it’s not just JDF and Ginger, but also Tempest DuJoir and Sasha Belle, and ALL FOUR do well, lip synching to Tiffany’s 1987 #1 cover “I Think We’re Alone Now.” 

Ginger & Sasha turned it out, so Ginger is kept on, 

and Jaidynn Diore Fierce is gone.

Tune in next week for … the new John Waters!
He's starting to look like a cross between
an adult Macauley Culkin and Steve Buscemi, eh?


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