Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race s7e07
Snatch Game! •  13 April 2015 

Last time on RPDR we saw three enactments of how Merle Ginsberg was replaced by Michelle Visage, as portrayed by the nine remaining contestants.  

Ginger picked the teams, and her team was deemed best.

Katya was the overall individual challenge winner, her first maxi-challenge win.

Bottom two were Jaidynn Diore Fierce and Kandy Ho.  Each played RuPaul, hmmm.

Can't say JDF did fantastic,

but Kandy Ho was the queen eliminated.

Oh, and Miss Fame still didn't learn
how to answer that age old question,

"How is your head?"

Oh, and I know what who I want for Christmas. 

Immediately after Kandy's elimination, when the remaining contestants go back to the work room to clean up, Milk says something incredible:

"I'm fixin' to do one wig that's not gray, and then I'm going right back to gray."
"Bitch, if they gave me a specific, I would $@#!-in' do it!"

Violet, I am completely on your page.

Pearl & Violet are over Kennedy's "busted" look.   I can't figure out if they mean this week's,
or, in general.

Ru's not-she-mail moment incorporates Bianca Del Rio!  I am still over the moon for her and last season's entire top three.


Wow, why does Ru think that this needs to be stressed?  It is the truth, though.


Both Violet & Miss Fame announce they are doing Donatella Versace.  Neither wants to do someone else.

Think it through.   If they end up being the two best, because their impersonations are that awesome, it won't matter, right?  Certainly there could be funny banter between the two, to make the most of the situation.  Maybe do one nice and one mean?  Or one old and one young?   There are ways to work it.

Ya know, this wouldn't have been too far of a stretch for one of them, eh?

Or even.

"I'm gonna be like Disney Sharon Needles."

What?  Why?    That eliminates much of her personality.   Do her right, Max, do her completely.  Hell, either of 'em, just do the job, don't whitewash a personality for Snatch Game!


Jaidynn Diore Fierce wants to be Raven Symone because he thinks they could be best friends.  Ru is incredulous, the point is to channel her essence and be funny.

Maybe JDF wants to go home?
Why is the point of being funny being MISSED?

Miss Fame explains that she & Violet both wanted to do Donatella Versace.  Miss Fame will do Theresa Caputo, TLC's Long Island Medium instead.  To me, that would be easier and more successful.  But, that's probably because I find her line of work to be a whole lot of .....

"Horse hockey!"

Ru encouragers Miss Fame not to be afraid to do Donatella Versace.

Katya will do Suze Orman. Ru asks why she isn't doing a Russian character.  "What are you afraid of" leads her to say that Katya is addicted to anxiety.

Wow.  Is she right or what?

Kennedy is torn between Sweet Brown and Little Richard.  Ru does not give ANY advice.  None!

Violet is sure she will look better than Miss Fame as Donatella Versace.   Ru asks to hear her, and, well, it's not a slam dunk.

When asked what else she could possibly do, Violet does a funny Alyssa Edwards right on the spot.   Ha!  Ru all but begs for her to switch to Alyssa.  I'm yelling at the TV for Violet to go for Alyssa.

How do they do?   My opinion only:

Max as Sharon Needles:  The look is absolutely amazing.  Fantastic job!   Max can't deliver in any other way, though.  She's not funny, she's not channeling Ms. Needles, and she misses every set up Ru lobbies her way.  She's not even doing as well as phoning it in.  Bottom two for sure.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce as Raven Symone:  She's okay.  She's funny at first, but less so as it goes on.

Katya as Suze Orman is a hit.  Katya doesn't miss any opportunities to shine. Good job!

Violet Chachki as Alyssa Edwards:  Violet comes off quite prepared, so I am proud of her.  It doesn't seem like her 2nd choice at all.   She looks great and right, and she also delivers in being funny, and showing "Alyssa."    Sometimes when others are speaking, she slips back into "Violet."  Or is that just me?

Pearl as Big Ang of Mob Wives is pretty funny, but I wouldn't say the look was perfected.  It works.  Pearl doesn't drop the ball.   Is this the same person who had seemingly checked out of the competition a few episodes ago?

Miss Fame as Donatella Versace.  Well, she looks alright, but shouldn't she have played up the 'mistakes' a bit?  (Like, the lips.)  The accent isn't right, and the voice isn't right, and she ignores every set up Ru gently volleys her way.   Surely she is bottom two.

Kennedy Davenport as Little Richard?  Well, you can relax, Kennedy hit it out of the park.  She seems to be doing mid-late 1980s Little Richard (very made up and draggy, just like he was then) and is milking the situation for all the comedy there could be.  Great job.

Ginger Minj as Adele.   Ya know what?   Ginger is not getting much of an edit, which leads me to believe she merely places middle safe, but she is doing extremely well with Adele.   I would say Katya, Kennedy and Ginger are top 3, but Katya places 3rd.   Katya did fine, but the other two did fantastic.  Or, 'hilarical' as Tamar Braxton would blurt out.

While getting ready for the runway, Katya & Miss Fame have a moment.  Katya has been sober for a year and a half, and is bugging.   Well, being on a competitive reality TV show is a bit stressful.  I'm proud of them both for being sober.

Sobriety isn't for wimps.

For the runway, the look is Leather & Lace.

Sorry, this is all I got.

Joining RuPaul & Michelle Visage are Ross Mathews, Michael Urie and Tamar Braxton.

Ginger Minj


Kennedy Davenport

Violet Chachki


Jaidynn Diore Fierce


Miss Fame

Ru calls out Violet & Pearl as the middle safe.  Hmmm.

Ginger Minj hears only major compliments, rightly so.  Michelle does pick on the runway hair, but it seems like a desperate attempt on Ms. Visage's part.

Miss Fame is complimented for the runway look, but is taken to task for doing so badly on Snatch Game.  Tamar sums it up correctly, what an opportunity for Miss Fame to pass on.

Kennedy is praised for her Little Richard.  Whew!  Kennedy & Michael have a moment, that was cute.

Michelle Visage thanks Max for finally not wearing gray hear.  She rightly tells Max that the Snatch Game look was wonderful, but absolutely everything else was horrid.

Max uses it as a moment to draw attention to herself, to take off some clothes, and even SING.

Not professional.  Not smart stratgey.

Jaidynn Diore Fierce didn't do so well on the runway nor on Snatch Game.

Katya's runway look is praised.  Tamar calls Katya as Suze "hilarical."   Michelle wanted more, of course.  Michael is enamored, eh?

Katya is safe.

Kennedy wins the challenge!  So does Ginger!

It's a double win.  This is the first where
two people won an individual challenge, yes?

I'm just glad they didn't start the "Marcia" dance.

They won ... feathers?

Jaidynn Diore Fierce is up for elimination?   I thought she would be 3rd worst.

Max is up for elimination, too.

Miss Fame is 3rd worst, and safe.   Wow.
I thought maybe the bottom three would ALL lip synch.

It's Spring 1990 and Michel'le's "No More Lies"
is the song the queens lip synch.

Seems like JDF was more into it.

It's a no brainer.  JDF stays, Max goes.

But, then ... Ru announces that someone is coming back.
Pearl is ecstatic.  Hell, they all say, "NO !!!!"

Will it be Tempest DuJour, Sasha Belle, Jasmine Masters,

Trixie Mattel, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Kandy Ho, 

or Max?

The only two I was not 100% behind on being eliminated were Trixie Mattel and Mrs. Kasha Davis.   And, not that they didn't deserve it, but that someone ELSE deserved to be axed even more.

If you make me guess, I guess that Mrs. Kasha Davis is coming back.

I want Trixie to come back, I didn't agree with that elimination.
*Maybe* it's her?

Oh, wait, let's think outside the box.
I know, I really want Manila Luzon to come back.

 Or Nina Flowers.  Or Morgan McMichaels.