Thursday, April 16, 2015

Face Off s8e14  The Dream Team • 14 April 2015 

This season on Face Off 15 new contestants formed three teams of five, each headed by a prior season finale winner.
Team Anthony (s4 winner) included Kelly, Alan,
Ben, Daniel and Jamie

Team Laura (s5 winner) consisted of Darla, Julian
Emily, Gregory and Stephanie

and Team Gray Cap Rayce (s2 winner) had Adam, Anthony,
Rob, Logan and Regina

After Julian's elimination on the Steam Punk challenge, the top 3 contestants were kept in the reveal room,    And this is where we left off last time.

Host McKenzie Westmore invites back the 12 eliminated contestants.  They will help Darla, Emily & Logan with their task.

They are told that each five member team will create 4 characters.  That's all they get till the next day.

The next morning we see the calls home for the 3 remaining contestants.

Then, the 15 special effects makeup artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the work room, where they have placed a red carpet.  The challenge:  Create a 4 person 'good character' team in the genre they blindly select:

Emily • Post 
Logan • Sci-Fi
Darla • Fantasy

They then grab words off a great board, and then with the help of their teammates, they come up with the title of their 'film.'

Emily • Paradise Reckoning
Logan • The Fortress
Darla • The Spirits Of Eden

Wait, Darla just chose that because her last name is Edin, right?

"What do you think?"

It's a four day challenge.   Before you know it, there's a she-mail message from ... Bianca Del Rio?

"Be original!"
"Were you paying attention?"

"I'm doing a take on The Island Of Dr. Moreau!"

"I'm being heavily inspired by The Wizard Of Oz!"

"I have my own concept.
(Never mind that it is based on something from the 1st book of The Holy Bible.)
Laura once told me to think outside the box.
I listened to her."

And, there it is folks.

"Now you KNOW which one is going to win." 

No, I mean something else entirely.  (Besides isn't she ADDING to Scripture?)  At any rate: Thinking outside the box is now the most overused phrase in competitive reality show history.  I thought for sure it would be about throwing a fellow contestant under the bus.

"We did, too."

At any rate.  Do you see where this went, so early in the episode?  Darla has her own concept, supposedly.  Logan & Emily are mainly drawing from prior works.  Or, was this just thrown in to make the winner more believable?  It's not as B&W as the edit might indicate, but, well, they're spoon-feeding us a ruling, aren't they?

Let's see how they did:




The judges have absolutely nothing negative to say.  Each gets a glowing review.  So, yeah, they all look great.   Wouldn't you then give it to the most original of the three?

Darla, and her coach, Laura, are the winners!
Do you agree?

I dare say this was a terrific season, talent-wise, and creation-wise.  Maybe it's the editing, but Face Off seems to always focus on the work and the struggle to perform.   Perhaps it is just that the contestants are focused on the correct goal.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Face Off s9 will start airing in July.   Woo-hoo, both Face Off and Project Runway start up mid-Summer.    I can hardly wait.



  1. Hey can you put in which contestants get assigned to which finalist

  2. Mid-summer! Can't wait!

    I didn't understand the non-criticism for Logan's green skunk character. I mean, it was pretty awful, right? Anyone? Blergh.