Thursday, April 9, 2015

Face Off s8e13  Full Steam Ahead • 7 April 2015 

Last time on Face Off the contestants were inspired by dolls to create evil killer dolls, like Chucky.

Chuckie?  Chuckie?  No, Chucky.

Certainly not *that* Chuck E.

Along with last week's work, let's see their average scores for the entire season, you know, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a top look, 0 points for middle safe, -1 points for a bottom look, and -2 points for elimination.  The fraction is Spotlight Challenge wins / Foundation Challenge wins.

Let's contemplate:  Logan has never been in the bottom.  He has the most Spotlight Challenge (main) wins with three. Julian has never won, but has been in the top the most.  Always the bridesmaid, eh?  He has been in the bottom the last 2 weeks, though.  Are the vultures circling?

At any rate, Darla won the killer doll challenge,

and Adam was booted off.

The four remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at Paramount Ranch, Western Town.   Is Jane Seymour gonna introduce the challenge?

The challenge is to create a Steampunk Cyborg.   McKenzie trots out Glenn Hetrick to drive home the fact that he does not want anything to be placed on the model without a reason for it being there.  It must look like it works.

They get to choose characters to use for direct inspiration:

Darla gets the Blacksmith

Emily takes the Undertaker

Julian nabs the Bank Robber

and Logan picks up the Bar Maid

Darla struggles to come up with a concept, all through the sketching time, and the beginning of work time back at the work room.  Yeah, I'd be crying, too.

Later on day one, Darla does have an idea, a concept that Laura likes.

Mr. Westmore is back!

Logan is told that his beauty makeup can not be subtle.

Julian doesn't have to make the gun barrel arm rotate, as long as it appears to be able to do so.

Darla gets advice for making the chest area glow: LEDs.

Emily wants a coffin shape for the torso.  She doesn't know what she wants to do with the face.   He reminds her that the face come first.

Emily struggles with changing the focus from the body to the face, and later with opening a mold on the early side.  I think this is fake or manufactured, the troubles are resolved soon thereafter.

Most if not all of the contestants are using techniques or working in ways they haven't before.   On day three they all hint or state that they could have used more time.  They show Logan having troubles with each piece he applies.

And they are scrambling right up to the last minute.

Joining host McKenzie are regular judges
Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Emily Serpico

Julian Bonfiglio

Logan Long

Darla Edin

Glenn states that Darla's core work is central to the character.  Ve likes the sweat.  Neville admires the overall work.

The judges feel the top of the bank robber's head/ brain work is arbitrary.  Ve likes cowboys.  What?  She doesn't like the flesh portions.  Neville likes the overall silhouette.  Glenn sees the Western vibe, but the top of the head is too high.

Emily's mortician didn't know how to handle his embalming chemicals.  Neville praises the paint job.  Glenn is overwhelmed with her great decision making.  Ve applauds her paint work, too.

Logan gets a mixed review.  In general they all seem to like it, but really abhor how the lower neck / upper chest was handled, mostly the blending.  Ve and Neville admire the head piece.

Emily wins the challenge and proceeds to the finale.

Darla is in!

That pits Logan against Julian.
Well, you know how that's gonna pan out.  

They kept Logan, and let Julian go.

It's been weird this season, so many people with killer resumes were already gone.   Alright, you are right, they have a reputation for doing that, but it felt more severe this season.

"They never have a top four?"

Who do you want to win it all?

Who do you think WILL win it all?


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