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Face Off s8e12  Deadly Dolls • 31 March 2015 

Last time on Face Off the special effects makeup artists
brought to life imaginary friends of little kids
they picked up at the park.

That doesn't sound creepy at all.  Right.  Sure.

Adam beat out Darla for the win.

Julian & Ben were bottom two,

with Ben being let go, placing 6th for the season.

That means that coach Anthony was eliminated, too,
since he had no more contestants in the game.

Right away we get an "I have a sick brother" edit.  Julian vows to give a large portion of the win, should he win, to NBIA research.  I *think* he means Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation.   (My autocorrect initially changed Brain Iron to Brian Eno, ha!)

"You really should write more about me."

Usually they don't start right out with a Winner's Edit or Loser's Edit like Project Runway.  But, maybe this is the time they do?   No!   Don't go home yet!  And don't place #2, like Calvin Tran on The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, Season Two With I-Will-Eat-You Iman (2010-2011.)

 The remaining five contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre.

"Is that all you could come up with?"

No, how about "I'm a real queen!" ???

McKenzie explains the Spotlight (main) Challenge:  Create an evil, demonic doll character, inspired by whichever of the 7 dolls they pick.  No one picks the Matryoshka (Russian nesting/stacked) doll.

Logan grabs the Voodoo doll.

Julian selects the Ventriloquist's dummy.

Adam chooses the baby doll.

Darla picks the Porcelain doll,

and Emily takes the Rag doll.

No one nabs the red tutu girl, or the Matryoshka (Russian nesting/stacked doll.)

McKenzie reminds them to utilize the colors, materials and cultural history of the doll chosen.  They sketch right there, and then head back to the work room.  It's a standard 3-day challenge.

When the coaches come in, Laura seems to be quite creeped out by the dolls.   Childhood trauma there, huh?

Mentor Michael Westmore is here!

Logan's technique gets a pass from Mr. Westmore.

Adam's idea raises red flags for Mr. W.,
Adam's idea of another being inside the baby doll.

Michael likes the mouth work on Julian's wood-carved look.

He likes Darla's base look, but seems worried the cracks won't be executed well.

Emily gets some advice on how to employ the buttons-as-eyes.

Hey, every contestant got some mentor air time. 
Hell, some weeks Mr. W. doesn't even show. 

Emily has a crisis when part of her mold falls out of her hands.   Surprise, she can use it after all. Crisis averted, or non-crisis, take your pick.

At the end of day one, Logan has a problem taking on Rayce's advice to restart, in a more realistic manner.  Logan interviews that he doesn't want to not follow his advice, since he is always right, but later decides to remove his clay and, in effect, start all over.

On day two Rayce interviews that he is shocked Logan rebooted.   Do you not remember the prior day?

Logan seems relatively calm.

As Emily begins work on her jute hair, Laura wonders aloud if there is a quicker way to get the effect she wants.   Soon she is sanding the hair.  Time saved!

Adam interviews that he is concerned he might not being going 'baby' enough, or honoring his baby doll inspiration.  

Hmmm.  Why isn't course correcting an option?

On day three  Darla interviews that she is worried about having enough time to paint.  Hey, that's right, remember Rashaad and Tyler were always prepainting late on Day 2.  No one seems to be painting that early this season. 

Joining host McKenzie Westmore, and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is Chuckey creator Don Mancini.

No relation.






Logan's guy is becoming the Voodoo doll.  Glenn likes it, but sees too much 'scarecrow.'  Ve thinks it is too literal, but likes it. Neville admires the palette, calls it solid.  Don is reminded of Bride Of Chuckie.

Emily's rag doll was abused by a dog, and turns on the family that neglected it.  Ve admires the technique and idea.   Don likes the simplicity of the face.   Glenn praises the long dreadlocks, says he is impressed.  

Julian's ventriloquist dummy was carved from a sacred tree in the 1600s.  Neville states it isn't wood-like enough, same with Glenn.  Don sees "zombie' first, not ventriloquist's dummy.

Adam's doll sucks in life from those that touch it.  Glenn declares Adam reached too far.  Ve wants the baby portion to look rubbery.   He didn't reach the 'doll zone.'  Neville fails Adam's technique.

Darla's doll was a little girls doll that found an enchanted mirror.   Don calls is amazing, and disturbing (in a good way.)  Glenn is creeped out.  Ve loves the paint job, and the dark sockets.

Top two are Darla and Emily.

Darla wins the challenge!

That means Emily placed 2nd.

McKenzie hints that Logan places 3rd as the top three are sent out back.

Bottom two are Julian and Adam.

Adam places 5th and is eliminated.  Wow, after winning the prior week, he is gone.

That means Julian places 4th and is in.

Tune in next week when the top 4 compete for the three spots in the finale.

Oh, and ... cyborgs, like in season three.

I don't know what to think.  I did have the top 6 right, but then the guys who placed 6th & 5th, well, I had them in the finale.  So, I am afraid to make any predictions.

Other than, it won't be me or Brian Eno.

Of course I was rooting for Orlando/Japan guy, too.   At least RuPaul's Drag Race still has an Orlando contestant going strong.


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  1. I don't normally like it when the models try to act; I find it distracting from the makeup, and it often exposes a weakness or fault in the makeup that might have otherwise not been as obvious. However, this week, Julian's dummy yapping its bottom jaw over-fast and Darla's porcelain doll whacking its face with that little mirror were SO CREEPY. Oy! They really added (in a positive way) to the discomfort of the already-super-creepy challenge!

    While I agree that Adam had the least successful look this week, I wish his previous (and potential future) work had been enough to keep him in. I think he's much more talented and has more interesting ideas than Julian. Ah well - there's no way of learnin' why the sea and the tide has no way of turnin'...