Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race s7e09
Diving Inspiration •  27 April 2015 

Last time on RPDR the seven eliminated contestants joined, or, rather, conjoined with the seven remaining queens to compete as Siamese twins.   

Pearl won the challenge, and, as a result,

Trixie was brought back into the competition.

Ginger Minj was bottom two,

but Jaidynn Diore Fierce got the axe.

"Did I mention that the pressure is really on me now?"

"I'll keep saying it, just to make sure,
all the way through the $#@!in' episode!"

For this week’s mini-challenge, the library is open!  They all seem to do fine,

except for Miss Fame,
who does NOT have the reading gene.

At all.

Trixie wins the mini-challenge.

When learning of the $500 gift card she won, Violet mutters a “thank God!” which has me wondering, is she sequin-needy or something?   Or is it a meaningless prize in her eyes, and therefore Trixie didn't get anything that Violet really wanted?  Interesting.

Oh, and it was cute when Pearl tried to read Ru.

The maxi-challenge is to sing & act in a John Waters musical vignette.  They choose their own teams.

All three teams are shown struggling in some manner as they perform for Michelle Visage, Lucian Piane and Our Lady J.    You know how it goes, they show them flailing, but the final result is smashing.  Usually.

On the runway, ugliest-dress-ever realness is the goal.  Joining Ru & Michelle are Carson Kressley, Demi Lovato and John Waters.

Kennedy Davenport


Ginger Minj

Trixie Mattel


Violet Chachki

Miss Fame

Carson didn’t think Kennedy’s runway look was ugly enough.  John Waters respected the musical challenge work, though.  Kennedy is safe.

John Waters admired the extra layers that Katya added to her part.  Demi is “living” thanks to the colors of her runway outfit.  Katya is safe, too.

“Masterpiece” is how Michelle deems Ginger’s work.

Of course you already know how she feels about the color green.

“She likes it?”

“Oh, hell no!”

John Waters thought GM captured the original’s spirit completely.

Yes, of course, Ginger Minj wins the challenge.  It’s her 3rd win!

Trixie didn’t push the ugly outfit far enough, bad fashion, perhaps, but she is one of the prettier contestants this week.   John Waters liked his musical job, but Demi thought Trixie should have gone further, to match Ginger Minj's level.   She is safe.

John Waters didn’t ‘get’ that Pearl was supposed to be the “Good Angel” Divine.  Ruh-roh!   Demi calls Pearl the least ugly of them all.  Michelle admits Pearl knew her lines, but that’s about it.  Pearl is bottom two.

Carson thinks Violet’s runway look is the best (worst?) but the judges rip on her for not committing to the “Divine” padding.  Carson thinks Violet was uncomfortable and it showed.  Violet is ultimately safe.

John Water’s finds Miss Fame’s ugly look elegant.  Michelle picks on Fame’s lack of acting ability.    Miss Fame is bottom two.

Ru asks the unnecessary question “who gotta go?”  All choose Miss Fame except her (bien sur.)  She chooses Pearl because of her blasé attitude, while all others are buggin' visibly.  Oh, and Violet Chachki chose Trixie, but the reason doesn’t ring true.  Being scrutinized sounds good on paper, but Trixie was middle safe this week, not in danger of lip synching at all.

Over on Untucked, we learned that the place is DEAD without Jasmine Masters and Jaidynn Diore Fierce, for sure.

Trixie keeps going on and on about having to prove to everyone that she deserves to be there.

Oh, and I want the power to change things by clapping, like this guy.
Or maybe I just want the guy.

Pearl & Miss Fame lip synch to Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care” feat. Cher Lloyd.

Schlaue Leute?

Think about that for a moment:  Not Nena.  The bottom two.  The judges can actually see Pearl move.  Miss Fame is hidden by her frock.    It's the final nail in the coffin.

"I love a good nail, don't you?"

Mmmmm, a good nail.

We knew that Miss Dances With Chickens was gonna get chopped.   Who do you see for the final three?   Who do you WANT to be in the final three?  I have a final 2, and I can't figure out who WILL be the 3rd, let alone who I'd prefer to take that spot.   Maybe that is Trixie's story, she sure is getting a big "I don't know if I am trying hard enough" edit, don'tcha think?.

Tune in next week when guest judge Alyssa Milano inspires a “Who’s The Boss” Musical Maxi-Challenge!

Now you wanna see Katya as Judith Light and Ginger Minj as Tony Danza, don’t you?  Or Ginger can be Alyssa Milano, take your pick, eh?