Friday, March 6, 2015

Walking  3  5 March 2015

I saw the podiatrist on Thursday.  I'm much improved over the last visit.  A couple of months ago I had five active foot ulcers (holes in my feet that would not heal.)   Now they are ALL healed over, and most are completely healed.  I have just one left where the skin is a little wonky, but all the layers of skin are indeed there.

I ran late and had to miss my ride home, so, yes, he who has no permission to walk, walked home.  I even went out of the way to do some grocery shopping.    Well, I did it Thursday, but forgot to log it, so I am doing so right now.

Tomorrow I will do more walking.  A neighbor has a birthday, and I think he needs to be embarrassed with some Dollar Tree helium filled balloons.


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