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RuPaul's Drag Race s7e4 • Spoof! (There It Is!) •  23 March 2015 

Last time on RPDR the contestants acted in revamped Shakespeare bits.    

Max led his team to victory, and he won the challenge.

Kennedy Davenport was in the bottom two for his poor leadership,

but Jasmine Masters was let go,
for convincing herself, but no one else,
that she had memorized her lines.

What was that little bit with Pearl's intro interview where he is sleeping?

Is it just a running joke, or is Glee's Karofsky back at it?

Ru gets right into it.  This challenge will be to find their inner Weird Al Yankovich and make music video parodies of RuPaul songs.

They form their own groups, and get to to work.  

Soon enough, it's the Ru-thru.  Ru asks if anyone has any prior experience.  Mrs. Kasha Davis pipes up that she does, but her example results in crickets.

Violet, Max and Jaidynn Diore are going to rip on the last season's top 3.    Ru seems to approve.   If they can get the looks and personality of Bianca, Courtney & Adore, it could be good.

Trixie's team is going to "Tan With You" for "Dance With You."    Ru says she loves it, it sounds like fun.   The tension between Miss Fame & Pearl rears its head.  This seems to be a 'story' for the last few episodes, huh?

When recording the audio, they all seem to have trouble, but, especially Pearl.  The next group was no better.

Group 3's Ginger Minj states in interview that Mrs. Kasha Davis sounds Ethel Merman meets Paul Lynde.   That could be a GOOD thing, huh?  Isn't Ginger complaining?  I can't tell.

When filming the videos on green screen, Max is told she isn't bringing enough "Courtney" to the moment.

Trixie keeps walking in & out of the shot.  Confusing.   Why would she do that?  That needs to be answered, as far as I am concerned.

For the runway, it's a green extravaganza!.


Does Michelle Visage know?

Joining ultimate judge RuPaul are Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Lucian Piane and Jessica Alba.    Can we not have Carson Kressley and Ross Mathews at the same time?


Miss Fame 

Trixie Mattel 



Jaidynn Diore Fierce

Violet Chachki

Kandy Ho 

Mrs. Kasha Davis

Kennedy Davenport
Ginger Minj

"Dance With You" / "Tan With You"

"Sissy That Walk" / "Get Ready To Clock"

"Let The Music Play" / "I Got Paid"

Ru calls out Katya, Jaidynn and Kennedy as the best of each video.  

Kennedy is the challenge winner!
She wins a 3-year supply of  "Essential Family Products"
from Jessica Alba's company.

Well, I know it ain't baby food,
but when you feature infants on the packaging,
that is all I can think of!

Ru calls out Miss Fame and Ginger Minj as safe.
All top five are sent off stage.

Michelle accuses Pearl of being a stoner, unresponsive, flat.   Pearl complains that many there are still coming out of their shell.  That's the ticket, refuse any criticism.

Most of the judges find Trixie underwhelming.  Each underscores the former, she needs to stand out more.

Michelle wants a runway look for Max without gray hair!  Max agrees.   Michelle also wanted Max to take the Adore parody further.

Violet Chachki's ass is admired.  Hmmm.  Michelle liked her "Adore" but want her to take it further, too.

Kandy Ho is told she wore just a nice dress, as opposed to a cool theme.   Merely pretty isn't going to be good enough.    She didn't stand out in the video, although she did the cut-ins very well.

Mrs. Kasha Davis is asked by Michelle if she can sing.   She responds that Bea Arthur was in her that day.  Ha!

Violet is safe, as are Max and Mrs. Kasha Davis.

Pearl is up for elimination,

as is Trixie.

That means Kandy Ho is safe.

Pearl & Trixie lip synch to Blondie's 1979 top 40 hit "Dreaming."

They each take a different approach.  Pearl is laid back, but intense, Trixie is cute 'n' campy.  

Ru keeps Pearl, and sends home Trixie!  Wow, I didn't see that coming.  I know, it's the editing, but, still, it was a bit of a surprise.   

Trixie, theoretically, should have aced this challenge.  I get it.  She wasn't in my top 3, so nothing is TOO earth shattering.    I thought maybe both would go?

I've been very sick the last few weeks, and it is affecting the work here on the posts.  No worries, I am not giving up.  An end to (some of) the maladies has to be coming.  In the meantime, these recaps will be shorter and I can already hear the chorus of "Thank you, Jesus!" from the throngs.  Both of my readers, whom I dub 'the throngs.'


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