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RuPaul's Drag Race s7e3 • ShakesQueer •  16 March 2015 

Last time on RPDR the contestants lip synched a parody, in spoken words & song, of a flight attendant's safety announcement.  Later they hit the runway in jet-set attire.  Or, most of them did.

Ginger beat out Mrs. Kasha Davis & Violent Tendencies Violet Chachki for the win.

Lady Bunny Sasha Belle beat out a sedate Miss Fame, and an emotional, animated Katya for the elimination.

And "Twist Of Fate,"  although severely edited, wasn't horrifically butchered like so many LSFYL tunes are.  Behold, the power of Olivia!

Right after Sasha's elimination we get another shot of Violet's teeny tiny waist.   So much of this, and yet, no story on it yet.  Curious.

Next morning Ru, in the formerly known as She-Mail segment, alludes to Shakespeare.  

That means she comes out in a motorized scooter.  Are we going racing at Walmart?

It's a(n old) Soul Train dance off!

Now I wanna see Jody when she was on there.

Max & Kennedy are the winners.  

You know what is next:  Each leads a team for the main challenge.

And Violet is chosen last.

The challenge is to act out a parody of Shakespeare, or, ShakesQueer, if you will.

What you need to know is that there weren't any surprises over on team Max,

but Kennedy, after some time rehearsing, switches the parts of Violet and Jasmine, because Jasmine wasn't getting her original part.

During the run-throughs with Ru & Michelle, Team Max's Jaidynn Diore Fierce becomes overemotional and loses it.  She does recover to give a good performance, though.

Team's Kennedy is one monster pile-up of a train wreck.  On the stage the next day it is revealed that Kandy Ho & Katya did a good job, but not the others.

The main thing to take away is that Ru is not amused.

Didn't your heart melt when Ginger shared about 
bringing her act to Hospice for that one lady?
Good on you, GM, good on you.

On runway day, joining Ru & Michelle are Carson Kressler, Kat Dennings and Mel B.  The runway look is to incorporate a beard.  Yes, a beard!

(Where's Ross Mathews?)


Ginger Minj

Trixie Mattel

Mrs. Kasha Davis

Jaidynn Diore Fierce

Miss Fame

Kennedy Davenport


Jasmine Masters


Kandy Ho

Violet Chachki

Ru tells Team Max that they did well.  After viewing Team Kennedy's work, the judges' response is lackluster.
Team Max is the winning team!  

Jaidynn Diore Fierce is singled out and named for working through his mini meltdown and for getting to a strong final take.

Max is the big individual winner.

He won some …  latex clothing.

Team Kennedy had some problems.  Mel B. finds Kennedy's runway dress the worst.   The other judges wonder why Kennedy didn't steer them in a better direction, when he realized they were doing badly in rehearsal.

Katya is admired for her Abe Lincoln look, and for actually knowing and delivering her lines, while most of the others in her group couldn't.

Jasmine's dress is gorgeous.   Her beard, on the other hand, is sorry.  Michelle ain't buyin' her story about not being able to use the beard glue (allergies?)   Or is she licking her lips in anticipation of eliminating her?

When Jasmine tries to convince the judges that she knew her lines, it's just that she wasn't able to get them out.   Ru isn't fooled.

Carson likes that Pearl tried to be creative with the beard.   Michelle calls him out for the lackluster acting, bordering on 'dead.'

Kandy Ho pleases Michelle with the face contouring.  Ru is cracking up that THIS is the challenge that she got it right.   The beard contour is gone on the BEARD challenge.   Ha!

Violet's runway look is a hit with Ru.   "How can anyone be crap at being a bitch?" is Mel B's question for Violet.   Violet throws Kennedy under the bus for her not allowing them to practice more after switching up the parts of Jasmine & Violet.

Ru ends up being furious at them for making excuses.  "Be prepared!" she bellows.

Katya, Kandy Ho & Violet are safe.

So is Pearl, with a stern warning to wake up and deliver.

Kennedy Davenport & Jasmine Masters are up for elimination.

Jasmine & Kennedy lip synch to Kylie's  2014 "I Was Gonna Cancel."

The judges seem to enjoy each of them.

Kennedy stays, so Jasmine is let go.   Did you agree?  I did, but I liked her in other challenges, so it was hard to see her go.   She earned it by not knowing her lines, and not having a different glue that wouldn't cause a reaction.

Jasmine interviews that she is okay losing to her 'sister' Kennedy.

Tune in next week when Violet gets picked last again
they sing in parody music videos.
Or is that music video parodies?

Not sure if it'll go in this direction or not.


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