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RuPaul's Drag Race s7e2 • Glamazonian Airways •  9 March 2015 

Last week on RPDR we met 14 new contestants,
and some new judges, too.

Violet Chachki beat out Miss Fame and Kennedy Davenport
to win the week's challenge.

Michelle was none too pleased with Kandy Ho's beard contour,

nor Ross with Jasmine Masters hiding in a hula hoop & fabric tunnel,

but Ru sent home Tempest DuJour
for not dressing her recently reduced body
in a successful manner.

The 13 remaining queens go back to the work room.  Then we get quite the surprise.  What could have happened?   Violet just won the challenge, but soon after, we hear her say,

"I hate Michelle Visage."

I was sure it was a punch line to some joke, but, no.  Oh, yeah, Michelle was upset that she used a flat chest.  However, you've seen models, they DO have flat chests.   Everyone except for Heidi Klum, and some plus size models are lacking boobs.  So, as long as Violet looked like a girl of SOME kind, don't you think the flat chested look is indeed appropriate for a fashion look?  Kathy Griffin (last week's guest judge) got it, and so did yours truly.

"Maybe Michelle is just supersensitive about her own body?"

There is tension shown between Sasha & Pearl.  Sasha mentioned Pearl when RuPaul asked who least impressed her thus far.   She seemed to be apologizing about naming her, but, well, it didn't work well.

"If I was her I probably wouldn't want to me be to here neither.
I'm pretty and she looks like frickin' John Goodman in a wig."

Like this?

"Can't you just move it along?  God!"

Sorry.  The Pit Crew comes in to blow the contestants.  With a leaf blower.  In the face.

The two most unflappable queens with the most flappable lips will win the mini challenge.  Moby is introduced, to help judge.   Did he have a video with blowing?  Moby wants to go first.

Yes, Miles, you have permission.

"I think that's dumbest thing that I have ever done in my entire life." 

Ginger Minjg & Trixie Mattel win the mini challenge!

No one gave us gender reassigned Professor Farnsworth realness.

The main challenge is a lipsychapalooza!  That chick who sings everything (think season 4's "The Fabulous Bitch Ball," the doggie themed challenge) is at it again.

"In a plane!"

They work in teams,
one led by Ginger Minj,
the other by Trixie Mattel.

Violet & Kandy Ho, the winner and the 2nd worst of the last main challenge.  Interesting.

While they divvy up the parts, Trixie and Violet seem to go at it, but I can't tell if Trixie earned it or not.

Trixie asks, is anyone a dancer?  No one is.  Ha!   Is anyone an actor?  No.  Ha, ha!

Sasha doesn't like the part she gets.  Hmmm.

It's the Ru-Thru!

Ginger shares that she went for a diverse group of girls.  He reads the other team as Aryan airlines.  Oh, he meant diversity like ethnicity.  Ginger assigned the parts, making sure everyone was happy.

Over on Team Whitey, 

"Leave me out of it!"

We learn that Miss Fame has practically NO performing experience.

While they practice moves with choreographer Jamal Sims, they show Katya & Miss Fame having difficulty.  You know how it goes, they screw up in rehearsal, then they nail it on the performance.

Later Miss Fame pulls out the pics.  Slow Sarah MacLachlin-esque music plays.  Ugh.  I hate when someone gets the Loser Edit.   It's a strong one, too, with family deaths and tragedies.  I guess there can be overlap amongst those two categories. 

Don't go home yet, Miss Fame!

Come to think of it, Ginger Minj is getting a LOT of air time.  Oh no!  Is SHE getting an edit, too?

Joining RuPaul at the judge's table are Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Jordin Sparks, and Olivia Newton-John.

Team Trixie Mattel

Team Ginger Minj

Not sure if it just the music, but the 2nd group seems be into the task much more than the first.  

Now the runway!

Trixie Mattel 




Violet Chachki

Miss Fame

Kandy Ho

Mrs. Kasha Davis

Kennedy Davenport

Sasha Belle

Jaidynn Diore Fierce

Jasmine Masters

Ginger Minj

Ru tells them they will all be judged as individuals.

To which Katya silently screamed, huh"

Trixie Mattel, Max, Pearl, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Kennedy Davenport, and Kandy Ho are all safe middle, and sent out back.

Jordin loves Katya's Hawaiian runway look.  Michelle calls her to task for not memorizing the words she had to lip synch to.  

To which, Katya exclaims, "I don't what the #@!$ happened!

ONJ approves of Violet's "Grease-y" outfit.  Michelle wants more of her inner clown to come out.  She is convinced that one is indeed there.

Miss Fame is called out for not looking comfortable on the lip synch. ONJ tells her to take her hands off her hips, to which Miss Fame hams it up.  Hey, she has a soul after all !!!

Michelle says Ginger Minj led her team to clear victory, but she hates her jet set eleganza look.  GM defends herself.

Michelle finds Sasha Belle's hair too heavy and her outfit shlumpy.  I think she looks like a low rent Lady Bunny.

Michelle also doesn't like Mrs. Kasha Davis' runway look.  Wow, maybe Violet IS on to something, saying she is overly grumpy.   The judges DO like her lip synch work, though.

Sasha Belle is in the bottom two.  Wow, she STARTED with that.  Ouch!

Mrs. Kasha Davis is safe.   Violet Chachki is safe.

Ginger Minj is the winner this week!

She wins a trip of her choice.

Katya gets the "Xanadon't," ugh.
She is in the bottom two, also.

Miss Fame is safe.

Hey, it's "Twist Of Fate" for the lip synch!

Katya does a split on the first chord of the chorus, the Eb, where all the instruments hit a triple forte, or at least the fake guitars do.

From there on it is rather clear what will happen.

Katya gets to stay,

Sasha is eliminated.

"How someone who looks like me could be eliminated is beyond me!"

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