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Face Off s8e9  Miss Intergalactic • 10 March 2015 

Last time on Face Off the contestants were inspired by avant garde outfits to create stylish horror villains à la by Clive Barker.

Ben won his 2nd Spotlight Challenge for going truly avant garde, and bringing the fashion of the outfit into his makeup.

Jamie was let go for her alien monster (it should have been human) poor sculpt & atrocious paint job.

The remaining eight contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at Long Beach.   

Oh, man, I left my heart there in 2010.  I have to do all I can to live there someday.  No, no person beckons me, I just adore the town, and the beach, mais oui.

And the lack of humidity.

Meanwhile, back at the point, there's a Foundation (mini) Challenge: Two hours to use  7 different bowls of "Holi" powder to create a look that speaks of Spring.  

Each seems to settle on a concept swiftly, and there's lots of laughter.  

"I've never seen Ben look so happy. 
He always looks so angry, except for now."

Yes, it's the curse of the upside down mouth.  Yours truly is 'blessed' with it, too.

When time is up, they step away from their models, and the coaches, Rayce, Laura & Anthony, come over to blind judge.

McKenzie identifies the winner:  Stephanie.  She earns immunity for the next Spotlight Challenge.  What a relief after being bottom two last time.

The next day they head right to the reveal stage.   But, wait a minute, don't we need some WORK to be on display?

McKenzie introduces the Spotlight Challenge:  Create a beautiful alien.  Then she brings out fashion model and Miss Universe, Venezuela's Gabriela Isler, to share some advice:

"Beauty pageant is not just about beauty, it's the way that you present yourself.  Have some fun.  Put your friendly attitude into every single makeup and enjoy."

Was that helpful?   What do you think?  I was expecting her to talk about symmetry, or how the focus should be on the eyes.  Silly me.

Each contestant pics a sash representing a different galaxy to use as inspiration.  After sketching there on the reveal stage, they are with their coaches back in the work room.

Yes, I thought of that, too, when the graphic hit the screen.

Anthony steers Kelly away from too many eyes which could read 'insect,' not alien.

Laura reminds Darla that her asymmetry is counter to the standard thinking of symmetry being aesthetically pleasing.  Darla changes up her design on the spot.

No Mr. Westmore?
I don't know if I remember what he looks like anymore.

On day 2 the only surprise, if you can call it that, is that Ben's mold is in four pieces.  Normally it is just two, a front and a back.

Emily is going all bedazzled with her alien.

"She's gonna win."

On day 3 Julian comes in to a huge indentation on one side of his cowl.   He has a plan, though, no crisis.

Let's see about that.  Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill & Neville Page is Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich.  The winner will get a full page spread in EW.









McKenzie calls out Logan, Emily & Stephanie as safe and sends them out back.

Glenn applauds Adam's bravery with design.  Ve enjoys the profile.  Neville thinks the straight on look is not as strong as the profile.   Darren likes the lava rock look on the top of the head.

Ve finds Kelly's work way too busy.  Nevlle likes the sculpt, but it looks like a mask.  Darren agrees with Ve, too much is going on.

Neville is especially impressed with Julian's face design.   Glenn admires the balance.  Ve mentions how she likes the painting.

Darren calls Darla's work 'old Hollywood' beauty.  Glenn calls it "Stunning!"   Ve is beaming.  Well, it's easy to see where this is going.

Glenn likes that Ben went in a different direction.  He thinks he underutilized color, and finds it NOT beautiful.  Neville thinks the eye concept is an homage to a 1960's Japanese superhero.  Ruh-roh!

Top three are Adam,


& Darla.

Darla wins!  This is her first Spotlight Challenge win, but she did win that very first Foundation Challenge of the season.

That means Ben and Kelly are the bottom two.

Kelly is eliminated for her lack of a cohesive, clean makeup.

Ve has kind parting words for her, and,
as always on Face Off, Kelly is gracious.

Next week, are they doing their own modeling?


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