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Face Off s8e8  Dressed To Kill • 3 March 2015 

Last time on Face Off the makeup artists went to a woodland nudist colony.
Well, no, they had a 1-day body paint challenge, working in pairs. 

I think I like Ru's Pit Crew better than McKenzie's.

Logan's idea to use two models for one insect earned him another win.

Rob went home for his Cowardly Lion Kabuki looking lady bug queen.

The nine remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at the Whisky a Go Go.   The Spotlight Challenge is to create a horror villain inspired by Clive Barker's work, like Candyman and Hellraiser's Pinhead, stylish and intelligent.

Clive appears via recorded message.  He wants something on the cutting edge of fashion married to something frightening.

I'm not sure if I'm seeing this

or this.

McKenzie calls for the models, each wearing a special outfit.    They choose models and sketch right there.  It's a typical 3 day challenge:   5.5 hours on day one, 9.5 hours on day two and 5 hours on day three.

Not long into it, Stephanie has a defeatist attitude.


Westmore time!

Mr. Westmore advises Adam to make the 'hat' part of her head.

He suggests Kelly could have some dripping blood on her girl.


Stephanie is underwhelming Michael.  He gives her an idea, inspired by her sketch, to use little hooks on her face.  It's more than what she has currently.

Mr. W. wants to see more of the pulling skin on Julian's creation.

That's it.  Four of nine.
I really do wish they would show more of the consults.

Stephanie has a meltdown after Mr. Westmore just gave her a lifeline.

On day two Stephanie finally has a concept.   Logan focuses on his arm pieces.  Adam's mold is cracked. Julian is taking longer than last time with his sculpt.  

On day three Kelly walks in to a messy second skin.  Coach Anthony reminds her it is a happy accident, now they can show more self mutilation.

Emily's web/cage is failing her.  She rips it off and puts feathers in its place.

Let's see how they did.  Joining McKenzie, Glenn, Ve and Neville is co-head of Clive Barker's production company, Mark Alan Miller.










McKenzie calls out Adam, Logan & Darla as middle safe, and sends them out back.

Glenn is thrilled with Julian's work.  Ve is quite creeped out, she likes the paint job.  Neville thinks it is too current, not original enough. 

Ve loves the paint job and the silhouette that Emily created.  Neville calls it beautiful.  Mark calls it extraordinary, but that it isn't in Clive Barker's world.   No word as to having to course correct with the web/cage thought.  Interesting.

Neville accuses Stephanie of not having a vision.  Glenn is mad that she didn't use the model's features to her benefit.

Kelly's marriage of sex & violence impresses Mark.   Glenn likes her mask, it matches the wardrobe provided.  Ve is disturbed (in a good way) by the final product.

Jamie's black widow is a fail.  The skin doesn't look like skin, and it's too flat.  So, the sculpt AND pain job are lacking.

Ve likes the way Ben incorporated the clothing ideas into the cowl and the front neck.  Glenn is passionate about the back of the neck.

Top three are Julian, Kelly and Ben.

Ben is the winner.  It's his 2nd win.
They and Emily are all safe.

That leaves Stephanie & Jamie on the bottom.

Jamie is eliminated for her inability to pull her ideas together.

Jamie is professional and grateful, which I say all the time about eliminated contestants on Face Off, but it's true, and always nice to see.  (You KNOW we don't always have that on PR or RPDR.)

But, soon she is interviewing:  "I'm really surprised that I am going home."  Wait, does she not know what show she is on?  They send the creator of the least successful work home each time.  Even if they are normally great.  Even if they still want to be on the show.  Even if.

Next week:  I don't know what they are doing, but Emily will win it, right?  I'm just seeing the repeating pattern of winners.


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  1. Next week they're doing an intergalactic beauty pageant which means Emily or ben might win and Darla and Stephanie could regain their confidence