Thursday, March 19, 2015

Face Off s8e10  Super Selfies • 17 March 2015 

Last time on Face Off the contestants went all Holi
on Long Beach on the Foundation Challenge,

and created alien beauty pageant contestants
on the Spotlight Challenge.  

Stephanie won the former (and immunity for the latter.)

Darla beat out Adam & Julian for the win.

Ben & Kelly were in the bottom two, with Kelly going home.

The seven remaining special effects makeup artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at The Herald Examiner building.   The place has been used as a movie backdrop for decades.

Now the contestants are to makeover themselves as a superhero. They start sketching right there.  Stephanie doesn't have an idea right away.  Uh-oh!   Emily & Darla interview that they are introverted, and don't necessarily think in terms of an over the top super hero.   Uh oh encore fois!

I can't say I've ever worn a yellow 'fro on my birthday.

Later on day one, Stephanie has a concept!  Or not.   Are there any prosthetics on her imagined face?  She interviews that she is totally lost.   Wow.   Don't give up so soon!

On day two Emily is molding.  She is allergic to the  foam latex so she runs gelatin instead.    Later, she finds it isn't setting.   She goes on to silicone, which she interviews she hasn't used before.   

Laura teaches Julian some techniques to speed his sculpting along.

Logan decides his dragon look will have wings.   Hmmm.   Haven't many of the former contestants had trouble making them?

On day three they have assistants come in to place the prosthetics on them, and help paint.

At the reveal stage are host McKenzie Westmore, and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.  But, wait, there's more!   Comic book industry legend Todd McFarlane is introduced as a special guest judge!

Logan • 1st
"Slayer," the dragon/humanoid is not something Glenn has seen before. Clearly all the judges love it.  Glenn likes both the design and his skill.  Ve loves the wings.  Neville likes how an expression is baked in, and yet he can still emote.  Todd like the entire look.

Adam • 2nd
Neville enjoys the insane proportions.  The judges see the humor in his work.   Glenn praises that it is so very much "super hero."

Ben • Middle Safe

Darla • Middle Safe

Julian • Middle Safe

Emily • 6th
Ve likes Emily's nature healer's makeup, but that's about it.  Glenn calls it not appropriate for the challenge.

Stephanie • 7th & Out
"Dollface" is in a post apocalyptic world.  Todd is sad the face mask didn't fit.  Glenn thinks the forms are too derivative.  Ve thinks she ripped off her Lost Boys Keifer Sutherland work.  Wow.

Did it go the way you thought it would?   I was sure they were gonna keep Stephanie (with a bit of a lecture for not using enough prosthetics) and throw out Emily for not honoring the super hero challenge.  

Tune in next week for … imaginary friends?


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