Thursday, March 26, 2015

Face Off s8e11  Imaginary Friends • 24 March 2015 

Last time on Face Off the contestants morphed themselves into superheroes.

Logan's "Slayer" was the champion.

Emily's daughter of Mother Nature was bottom two,

but Stephanie's "Dollface," or perhaps
her lack of face work got her eliminated.

The remaining six contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at Brookside Park in Pasadena.

McKenzie gathers her six children like she's Heidi Klum or something.  Well, no, but they are the key to the next challenge.   The task is to bring their imaginary friends to life.

The kids pick a contestant, and they start to sketch.  Some negotiate with their kids, some just take all the ideas on board.  Interesting.

It's a normal 3-day challenge.    When the coaches come in, Laura is concerned that Julian is going too gory.  The idea is that the imaginary friends are kid-friendly, not gruesome.

Laura brings up that in season three Laura's peer, Rod, followed the client to the "T," on a similar challenge, and got sent home.   

Time to change, Julian!

Adam fabricates his huge monster on the first day.

He lives!

Logan is concerned about where to put the coral reef on the mermaid's face.   Mr. Westmore steers him away from putting it in the center, since it detracts from the model's beauty.

Michael gives Ben extra guidance on how to treat the eyes of the 3 headed being, so that it looks finished, complete.

Julian has to make his guy more whimsical.   He should exaggerate the smile to do that.

Darla's kid's idea for button eyes is changed over to glasses that incorporate the buttons.

On day two, Rayce thinks Logan's fabrication is bulky & ugly.  Logan starts over, and seems to be doing better.

Emily has a meltdown from missing her family.  She's even crying in the interview about it later in the day.  Oh, God, don't withdraw like Laney in season five!

"But, it's *hard* to miss your family!"

Soon Emily is back in the work room.  Whew!

Ben works on all three of his heads at once.   Ben interviews that he is gonna try and stay as long as possible in the competition.  Um, spoiler?

On day 3 each contestant interviews about their particular crisis, but, really, it's just another day at the work room.

Except there was this wipe out.

But not this,

or this.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and the inspiration kids are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.







McKenzie kicks out the kids.  The judges take a closer look at the work.  Then McKenzie calls out Emily and Logan as the middle safe, and off they go, too.

Glenn likes the integration of the diamond concept on Darla's creature.  Ve likes the button glasses and the angle of the diamonds jutting out at the collar.

Ben's inspiration was a 3 headed flying monster without back legs.   Ve is disappointed that the paint job isn't anywhere near completed.  Neville fears Ben did only exactly what the client wanted.   Glenn thinks he did too much and achieved too little.

Adam's mouth design is a hit with the judges.  Ve likes the chest pain job, and the various teeth.

Julian's kid wanted a realistic zombie with half of his face gone, and Julian knew he had to take it to a child-friendly place. Glenn wanted him to take it further, it's in design purgatory, sculpt & color.  Ve calls it murky.  Neville calls it odd and confusing.

Anthony pleads for Ben, as does Laura for Julian.

Top two are Darla & Adam,

and Adam wins!

Bottom two are Julian & Ben

and Ben is gone.   That means Anthony is gone, too.

Ya saw it comin' a mile away, right?
Yes, it could be the editing, but,
still, no surprises this time around .

Tune in next week for killer dolls!