Friday, February 6, 2015

Walking  3½‬  6 February 2015

I walked over to the store to pick up some meds.  I figured I'd log it here.

I am daydreaming of walking to a different Walmart tomorrow, one that is just short of 4 miles away.  My feet are okay, so I assume I will do it.   I just have to be home by 10a (to listen to AT40 from this week in 1976 on KOKZ online.)  So, I am sure if I leave at 5a, I will have PLENTY of time to walk, oogle, purchase and walk home.   

I saw M&M Red Velvet Cake Milk Chocolate today.   I didn't even realize it existed till I was looking at the package, waiting for meds to be bagged up.   I'll have to make sure the neighbors get some with their little valentines.


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