Monday, February 2, 2015

Walking 7‪½‬ 2 February 2015
I had to run (walk) more errands this morning.  Another 7.5 miles, and all went well.  My feet are happy.   I will do another route tomorrow for more errands, and, yes, it's still 7.5 miles.  I think I will be done for a few days with the errand running after that.   We will see.  I am just grateful the feet aren't getting cranky.

I wonder what Mike The Rabbit had to say about "Winter" in Orlando today.    We hit the low 70s°F so I don't think it really matters.   What's sad is that level of graphics expertise exhibited there, huh?  I should be grateful they spelled it correctly, okay, I'll shut up.

Oh, (no I won't) and they have only been doing this for 5 years?  Is that lady holding Mike while she is in a t-shirt?   Is the guy wearing toilet paper for a ... a tie?


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