Saturday, February 21, 2015

Project Runway All Stars s4e14
Reunion  19 February 2015

Last time on Project Runway All Stars, Dmitry beat out Sonjia and Helen to win the competition, and the multi-prize package.

The reunion was not filmed immediately afterwards.    Host Alyssa Milano isn't carrying her child around in front of her 24/7 anymore.

What we learned:

1. Dmitry teaches at Parsons now.  Good for him and his students.

2. Alyssa wore a reworked version of his "marijuana" dress to the reunion show.

3. Helen & Sonjia attempted to be diplomatic, but each thinks they should have won, instead of Dmitry.   Maybe they don't understand the difference between earning and desiring.

Personal Extra:  Damn, I saw it on Facebook months ago, but I still think Sonjia looks so beautiful & elegant in the newer hair style.

4. The resentment to prior winners returning, well, it wasn't just me!   Many of the contestants are upset about Dmitry & Michelle competing again.  I've always agreed, but, now, with them using the Fashion Olympics metaphor, well, yeah, that did it, they won me over.  Let everyone compete every time.  But that means Chris March gets to come back EVERY year.

5.  Jay & Helen's work room fight (where she tried to steer him in the 'right' direction, away from 'club girl') was the best fight of the season, just ask Michelle.

6. Alyssa brings up some Twitter comments.  Interesting.

Michelle thought this one was from herself,
not Justin.   Tres interessant.

7. Brocade-gate!  Every person (even Sonjia) now thinks her original fabric is not brocade.  It's a shame she can't see the motivation Michelle had in telling her the fact.    She did change the material, and ended up winning, so, why is she hung up on how it went down?  I mean, Michelle & friends were trying to be helpful, not trash-talk her.

8.  Fabio, Samantha and Michelle strongly insist PRAS is harder than PR.

9.  Patricia sure has such talent AND an awesome attitude.

a.   "Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are falling into place."

b.  "I never found a family that I felt so close to until I did Project Runway because these are the only freaks I know who'll stay up all night and create, no matter what the conditions are, 'cause this is our passion and I don't care if they're bitchy or they're strange or whatever their issues are, I'll take it, I love them, they are creative individuals."

10.  Alyssa took the opportunity to show the romantic partners of some on the show. 

"Where's the photo of me & my cats?"

11.   Helen knows how to cry.  They show her losing it when she cut up Fabio's prior work to make something new.

12.  Michelle was pissed off that she had to fight in a sudden death match against Helen, when she thinks Helen earned elimination in the first place, with her gray dress.  Dmitry stated that Helen's had no impact.  More than half of the contestants agree with Michelle.

13. The pool boys had a big impact on Helen.  Ha!  I'm starting to think breathing, or burping, has a big impact on Helen.  

14.  We got a montage of Alyssa being pregnant.   Hmmm … THAT got a montage?  Samantha brings over some baby gifts from Patricia, Alexandria, her, Gunnar & Justin.   Good on you all.

Her new kid has hair.  Yeah, all I could think of was this:

16.  Sonjia got a montage, too.  She be whack.

17.  Helen may be the most frequent cryer, but she had some competition this season.  Sonjia, Michelle, Kate, and Helen & Justin get a crying montage.

18.  Benjamin asked for Sonjia to decide whether she was going to use the gray fabric when they were in London.    She seemed to not tell him all that quickly in the store.

19.  On the unconventional materials challenge, Chris did indeed think that Dmitry copied his ideas, since Chris had his in his sketch and the work was done in the morning.  Dmitry didn't copy till after the Zanna-thru.   It threw Chris off, and he says he never quite recovered.  Michelle tried to smooth things over, stating that it (probably) was by accident, not on purpose that they were the same.

20.  Some viewer questions

What trend do you want to be over and gone?  Fabio:  Leggings.  Michelle: Vegan leather

What inspired you to become a designer:  Not being able to find what you want on the rack (Michelle & Kate.)

Who was the most difficult to work with?  Michelle states Alexandria.  Everyone seems to agree.  It was the gathering of materials, and going ballistic after Sonjia who (innocently?) seemingly taking some of Alexandria's possessions?   I can't say I don't understand AVB's protectiveness, given the situation.

A few contestants speak of their 'love' for Nina Garcia.

Who received the most high (top 3) scores?  Dmitry, seven times.

Who won the most?  Fabio & Sonjia, three each

Most bottom 3 placements?  Fabio & Michelle, five each

So dear Fabio gets the whiplash award, 3 wins and 5 bottom 3 placements.

Who was never in the bottom?   Sonjia

What did you learn, being on the show?  Gunnar: I learned that I like my hair much better dark.  Well, yeah, with Sonjia & Gunnar eventually correcting their hair mishaps, PRAS4 was a major success!  Hey, find your blessings where you can!

PR14 is coming, in July, I trust.  More importantly, Face Off continues, and RuPaul returns in just over a week.  Woo-hoo!


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