Saturday, February 14, 2015

Project Runway All Stars s4e13
Finale 12 February 2015

This is going to be rather short (hooray!) because I am having a dreadful time with the pics.

The challenge for the finale?   Make 2 outfits for each season, 8 in total.  So, that's more than they have had to do in the past.  There's no bona fide twist.  They do get some help, on the last 2 work days, for 1.5 days, when previously eliminated contestants Fabio, Jay & Kate help Sonjia, Dmitry & Helen.

All season long I thought the top three and Fabio were getting a top four edit.  So, I *almost* got it right.  Did you see it early on, too?

My two biggest gripes are that Isaac thinks camouflage is appropriate.   Is he thumbing his nose at the event in the only way he knows how, or does he think it is something that he looks good in?  It's not right for the finale, and it is not right for him, period.   Now I want him to carry a gun so he can shoot the non-winners.

"No you don't!  He would have shot me, for sure!"

Okay, maybe you're right.  Well, how about paintball?  Wouldn't that make PR more fun?

Doesn't this look so much better than the camo?
So, Mr. M., no mas.   Stick with black or indigo for the jacket.

Oh, and how about that Chyron?

"Really, bitch?"

Ugh.  And Alyssa Milano has always been hosting PRAS, eh?

What are your first thoughts on the work?

Fall palette all the way through, huh?  On nearly every look I want to tweak something.  I am grateful for the color, but so many things need to be changed or eliminated altogether.  The #1s of each season are the worst for me.   Is Winter #1 for when you're unsure if you'd rather be in bed under the big ugly comforter, or hitting the clubs?  Oh, I get it, the comforter look means you're REALLY ready for some bedroom action after getting high at the club, yes?  If I could, I would just completely obliterate Fall #1.  I don't have a problem with Sonjia using herself as the inspiration.  (Don't you think others have done that on the show?)  But, I do think she would have tweaked most of the looks to fit her body, and the models aren't all THAT different from her.   Maybe this is the time factor?

Dmitry's work looks cohesive, without overly relying on the cutouts, merci Seigneur.    Did he use the length that Isaac went insane about in episode 9?

 What do you think?    I say he didn't.

If I could, I'd get rid of the 'typical Dmitry' cut outs of Spring #2 and do them in a very different way, like mimicking Fall #2, with a smaller scale.

Guest judge Mira Sorvino was right, Winter #1 & #2 are not cohesive, when in comparison to the other looks (both within each season, and just in the entire collection.)  I want Nina to come over and ask Fall #1 to move her arms.   I don't have a problem with Helen going Coco Chanel meets Wednesday Addams, but there has to be more coolness, more edge, right?  I can think of a couple of former PR contestants who play in this pond all the time and could deliver if asked to go Coco on Wednesday.

Did you think the right person won?  I think the judges got it precisely right. 

"The judges always do."

Now if only they could all dress themselves successfully.

July PR14 come quickly.  As much as I love Kate, please, dear God, keep her home.  Three times is enough.

If there must be a returnee, let it be someone eliminated before a full-fledged challenge.  You know, those from seasons 9 & 13.

Thank you, God, for RPDR returning in early March, and the current Face Off.

Wayne can come back any time he wants.



  1. LOLA agreed, thank god for Face Off and RPDR..catching up on old seasons now from when I did not get the Logo channel...

  2. Of course I'm delighted that my TV boyfriend won, as he well should. That said, I thought Helen's collection was underrated. I especially LOVED that pale pink dress (Summer 1, I guess?); even if it wasn't new, it was still gorgeous.

    I don't remember Dmitry and Jay being particularly chummy. I'm glad they worked well together there at the end.